There’s really no nice or objective way to say it—2009 was hell for DMX. The former chart-topping emcee was arrested five times in Arizona alone, and then he began 2010 with another arrest, after admitting to using cocaine during his probation. But X says things are looking up for him these days.

“I was in Tent City for awhile,” X told Phoenix area fox affiliate KSAX. “But I don’t take orders well…they try to talk to you any kind of way. And I’m like, ‘At the end of the day, I’m still a man. You’re not going to talk to me any kind of way.’ So I ended up back in solitary confinement.’”

DMX said the forced time alone gave him an opportunity to read the entire Bible, and his physical appearance was much improved from the grizzly, in-court photos, which surfaced online last year. X even offered an olive branch of sorts to the Sherriff who tried to make a mockery of him by forcing him to wear pink underwear.

“He actually came to visit me twice in jail,” X added, saying that there’s no bad blood with Sheriff Joseph Arpaio. “To harbor hate would only ruin my life. I can’t enjoy myself if I’m hating somebody. I wish him the best—good health long life. Just leave me alone.”

X recanted his previous statements about never setting foot in Arizona again, and went so far as to schedule a performance in Scottsdale. There is currently no word on the status of the two albums DMX was scheduled to complete with before his series of arrests, although Swzz Beatz did feature him on the Monster Mondays track, “Y’all Don’t Really Know.”