Uncle Ralph McDaniels Honored By Black Heritage Reference Center Of Queens

Rap's video forefather will be the subject of an afternoon tribute this Saturday in Corona, Queens.

Legendary New York-based veejay/radio host/video director "Uncle" Ralph McDaniels is going to be honored this Saturday November 13, 2010 in Queens, New York. The event, billed as "A Tribute To Ralph McDaniels," is sponsored by the Black Heritage Reference Center of Queens County and BulLion Entertainment.

Taking place at 1pm EST at Corona's Langston Hughes Community Library & Cultural Center, the Video Music Box host and creator will show video presentations and be interviewed by deejay/producer DJ Wiz, of Kid-N-Play fame.

This summer, emcee/beatboxer Greg Nice told HipHopDX about McDaniels' role in allowing Hip Hop's creative video breakthrough in the early 1990s. "Ralph McDaniels [was our go-to guy]. This dude did our videos when we only had five dollars, let him get [our major label] budgets. Ralph would flip it so we’d do the video on the weekends. We’d keep the cameras the [automatic] second day, and we’d just go shoot. The Spanish version of “Hip Hop Junkies,” bam. Everybody would run home on Friday to see Video Music Box. MTV couldn’t even fuck around, BET couldn’t fuck around. Rap City was getting ready to start. All the information they was gettin’, they was gettin’ from Ralph McDaniels."

More information is available here.


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  • problemz.problema

    This man is a legend and deserves all the praise and recognition he gets..I used to jet home after school to watch video music box and I learned a lot about real hip hop through this dude..Respect due...

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