50 Cent's Cheetah Vision Film Company Gets $200 Million 10 Picture Deal

As he's at work on his next album, 50 Cent secures a deal that may keep his film interests strong for at least another decade.

Cheetah Vision Films, the production company owened by Queens, New York Rap superstar 50 Cent has just reportedly signed on a blockbuster, 10-picture deal worth $200 million.

According to ThisIs50.com, a website owned by 50 Cent, the deal was made possible by Randall Emmet and George Furla's Hedgefund Partners, with real estate titan Gary Sakwa and Daniel Ret providing equity, along with healthcare executive Richard Jackson.

Cheetah Vision's next film will be Set Up, which is reportedly in talks with actor Paul Walker to star.

HipHopDX will keep you updated.



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    I don't know if it's possible or not. But, I'm trying to contact Mr. Jackson to ask him if he would accept my scripts for his consideration to produce! It would be worth his time!

  • Anonymous

    im proud of 50 to get this deal it shows that he has matured and come a long ways...with that being said most people commenting on here don't understand the complexity behind the numbers and budget for films

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  • tangovski

    yo fiddy haters!!!! he just gave u hater something to hate him the more about. i like the way way fiddy is always getting at his haters lol!!!! GGGGG UNITTTTT!!!!

  • Gmaine R Smith

    Man i love HipHopDX

  • trouble t

    congradulations to fif, you the only nigga on top we relate to, so much respect to ya. Niggaz hating, talking like it's the end of 50 cent..take that biches!!!

  • Michael Desauguste

    aiirght mr. Paul Walker

  • SR~

    NICE...Congratulations 2u Fif... *now can U PULEEZE pay me back those 5 dollars that I let u hold for a pack of Newports back in the day...???* lol

  • dubz

    fuck 50 2 hell wit u punk bittchhhhhhhhh

  • Va~Reppa

    Congradulation 50, i wish u much success!

  • c.webb

    fif will go for the billion nextly if all the movies turned blockbusters ima tell y'all he'll go towards the billi,but can't knock homie's hustle everything he touches he succeeds in it.this nigga deserves to win hustler of the year every year.

  • c.webb

    when jay had set up the live nation deal in 2008 y'all ay fans had talked a whole bunch of shit but i'd like to know what y'all have to say about this one? in the next decade fif will have movie that'll be budgeted about 100-200 millions ,watch.time will fucking tell.but fif is a beast in business ,

  • Anonymous

    50 doin his thang fuc wat the haters say CHECK OUT THE NEW HIP HOP SHOW BIG BOOTYS, BIG BLUNTS, AND HILARIOUS JACK ASS SKETCHES!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEwG5BCujS4

  • c.webb

    hi haters how are y'all doing? fuck y'all niggas that have been talking shit about straight to dvds but things fucking change for fif,hate or love but you can't knock fif's hustle no one else in the game can make such a big deal however he got in the movie industry yet he's working with the best in hollywood,bruce willis,val kilmer,paul walker,de niro and alpaci,ima tell y'all fif is on more fields than jay ,richard jackson and other titans know the dude's skills that's why they put out such big money to ink deal with cheetah vision,in 7 years fif has done pretty more things than diddy and jay.

  • Anonymous

    thats ill man good for 50 CHECK OUT THE NEW HIP HOP SHOW BIG BOOTYS, BIG BLUNTS, AND HILARIOUS JACK ASS SKETCHES!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEwG5BCujS4

  • Anonymous

    20 mil 200 mill i take it an be happy doing it

  • nico 3

    50 needs to write, produce, direct and edit these movies, much like how Robert Rodriguez does. Basically learn everything. Then maybe the 10 pic deal will make sense.

  • Hi Haters

    Get em 50! Future BILLIONAIRE! Where the haters at??? LOL!

  • edubb1977

    I am not a hater but everyone knows when it comes to getting a monster deal like this in the film industry you have to sacrifice something I wonder what did 50 sacrifice to get a deal like this and for all of you who say im trippin do your research the illuminati runs everything and in order to get in good with them like this you have to sacrifice something I wonder about this deal

    • hater_deluxe

      who are you idiots? is this what poor think about rich people? i mean obviously rich people help other rich people make more money...but sacrifice? really? you guys obviously have deep rooted issues if you think the entire world is run by ritualistic-wealthy sadomasochists...i mean, yeah they run things but they dont have satanic blood sacrifices. you guys are just misguided, uninformed kids.

    • Stunner

      Illuminati runs everything bitch, from Jay-50 cent, they all have o sacrifise somoene close to their families. Illuminati wants the world if we cannot unite and be i jesus presence

    • Cory Pyu Milam

      I agree. His farts probably sound like whispers if you feel what I'm sayin.

  • smccoy

    50 is the Biggest Boss in the game!!! In only 7yrs he has surpassed Puffy and damn near caught Jay after being black-balled by all the labels n execs b/c of hating-ass Irv & Jeffery. No other rappers are pulling-off these Multi-Mil$ deals like 50 n Jay!

  • brave

    i said ja have more hits n make better music,,,knowing how fifty is i said,,,nah fiddy don't ether ross,,,he's a cool dude besides no other rapper cop hotter beats dan ross,,,,but 4 real 50 is out to show ya'll jigga aint shit,,,its dat yankees endorsement jigga has thats why all dah big dogs 4ck with him,,,,,50 got his hand in more shit dan jigga,,,,jigga at his stature should atleast co-star a movie,,,not even his own rocafella films was he a star hhhhmmmm 50 mad he aint on forbes now he hungry n he go get wat he wants,,,,,once 50 quit dissing jigga n puff then he go make lots of mulla,,,,wah bout the oil biz baby was talking bout,,,,,guess dat was all bull hmmmm 50 don't talk fake shit,,,,50 don't care if the movie is straight d.v.d the point is he'll be no.1 hip hop artist on forbes next year n u'll buy or download the movie,,,point is he got u in his radar!!!!!

  • Nico 3

    Emmett and Furla have been churning out crap for awhile, so now add 10 more bad movies to the shelf at Blockbuster. It's sad that so much time and money is invested in people like 50 Cent, who don't have any real knowledge of film. He'll pop up a few days on the set of some shit ass STV movie, then collect his million on the back end.

  • Anonymous

    Healthcare executive Richard Jackson and real estate developers Gary Sakwa and Daniel Ret will not get that money returned back in profits. 10 straight to DVD financial disasters.

  • T-SHOT

    $200 mill for 10 movies aint really that much these days. RZA just got $20 for 1 picture and most of Fif's movies are straight to DVD.

  • Log in Here

    Queens get the money. U can't knock the hustle...

  • Heat-357

    I wonder how every rapper that has beef with 50 Cent is gonna feel when they read this... lol what can they say?

  • Anonymous

    The way that some of these haters talk down on fifty, you would'nt believe that this guy is about to become a major monster in the film industry also

  • Angela L Robinson

    and kanye's admittal is supposed to be news???

  • crazypee81

    Here is a question Do u think the Miami dolphins would of considered 50cent instead of BirdMan Liar to have some type of ownership?

  • Tye Battle

    How come HipHopDX didn't post anything when Rick Ross won a year's supply of Church's Chicken. Yall some haters.

  • crazypee81

    I hate 2 say it but when it comes to business 50cent stay on point. Shit If i aint know who he was I would thought this nigga majored in business,management and finance in college the way he make business moves lol.


    50 makes good music is better then this fake shit thats out now i can not remember one song i like thats out now from any of these gay niggas this game got too gay and frickle

  • Anonymous

    This is interesting.. I cant seem to find the website to this company though..

  • Valencia

    I have a movie that you may be interested in. Please shoot me an address so that I can forward you the logline.

  • Brian

    Clowns be hatin on my man 50, but he is the truth, his hands are in everything, and you have clowns that say "he's not relevant"! Are you serious, just cuz some clowns from your hood dont like him because they are told not to like him does not me he aint relevant! Last album still went gold with leaks and no promotion, still makes fire music, and he bout to bring New-York together with this Banks lp and his, niggas is crazy!

  • SutterKane

    And here comethe haters in 3, 2, 1, .......

  • Nick

    say what u wanna say about his music but when it comes to business n making that money what other rapper is doin it bigger??? jay-z n even on this kinda shit. he still stickin to the rap game.

  • Christopher Carter

    This is the reason I respect this Dude & You have to respect his hustle, is because he's always thinking bigger than what other entertainers are. When they're thinking their own label, he's thinking his own enterprise. When they're thinking a movie role, he's thinking his own movie production company. When they're thinking endorsement, he's thinking investment. That's why at the end of the day, his net worth will always be bigger than the average rapper

  • jesterdxxl

    Hate it or love it but 50 stays winning!!!

    • Nigshoota

      Where the haters at?....sukers be hating on a nigga while he is getting his bread.why don't u post ur damn comments about 50 on this shit. Broke ass niggas.

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