Dr. Dre Talks Detox Delays, LeBron James Partnership

Dre hopes to release Detox by Christmas, and unveils another line of headphones with NBA MVP LeBron James.

With a few unmastered leaks floating around the Internet, it appears that Dr. Dre's Detox will not be released until Christmas at the earliest. While speaking with Interscope/Geffen/A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine at a Beats By Dre press conference, Dre attempted to explain the multiple delays behind what many think will be his final solo album.

"In a perfect world, I'm trying to make Christmas," Dre said. "But we'll see...something will definitely be out by then. I have to wait until I feel it, and I'm working on it everyday."

Iovine and Dre hinted at a Jay-Z collaboration in April. The song, "Under Pressure" leaked to less-than-stellar reviews, and was labeled as an unmastered leak not fit for the album by Dre. The song was subsequently used in a Beats/HP commercial.

While no official music is being released, Dre continues to move forward expanding his Beats line. The aforementioned press conference showcased his Power Beats headphones, which are a collaboration with NBA MVP LeBron James. Dre and James appeared together at a Boston Red Sox game earlier this year to promote a special Red Sox edition of Beats headphones as well.



  • The God Dre

    why is everyone hating on dre the man is a god of gangsta rap n everybody tellin him to fuck off if you didnt like dre u shouldnt of clinked on the video and lebron has mad skills more than anyone of you haters give props out to dre this was a funny ass video HURRY UP DETOX

  • Fred

    To be honest I couldn't give a toss about Detox. Sure I'll grab it when it comes out, but I am waiting in anticipation for the Aftermath cognac. I want that more than I want a few digital files.

  • Michael Desauguste

    real get off

  • LWebb

    Give it up Dre, you fell off!! You should of been dropped Detox back in 2005 when Aftermath was still hot!!

  • Anonymous

    Give it up Dre, just admit that you don't got it anymore. You should of been dropped Detox back in 2005 when Aftermath was still hot.

  • djblur

    what a faggot wasting time doing commercials.

  • MusicFiend

    Detox out by xmas?, very doubtful. We were supposed to get an Aftermath cognac a long time ago too. Still loving my beats tours and studios though. Shit is banging.

  • mungojerry

    That add was wack, not funny, predictale garbage with bad acting from dre and that NBA player (Im english so I dont know who lebron or wateva is). And those weights werent real, they didnt move like real weights, plus for health and safety liability they wouldnt be allowed to use real weights. Yeah im sick of waitin for this albumlike everyone else. It might be here for summer 2011, but xmas, no way. I think the guy is just milkin it for all its worth and he is too interested in money these days. And his son dyin also has played its part no doubt. He should release all his stuff that hes ever done, including the stuff hes thrown away, in high quality on blu ray. That would be sweet.

  • Devin Williams

    Affion stupid dat was a funny azz commercial!


    LAKERS!!! 3PEAT!!! FUCK LeBron Fuck the heat fuck dre for disrespecting the LAKERS...You should've left the franchise out ur mouth's...but then again u want to market ur new shyt & what better way to do it than exploit the champs...FUCK OFF!!!


    Did anybody hear those beats in the background? Shit was hot! If anything I hope the rappers on the album don't fuck up Detox... IF it comes out at all. Dre?

  • lebron

    everytime dre shows up his face i can stop myself thinking "how his face is getting more and more fucked up !" STOP THE COCAINE DRE .. OR THE STEREOIDS, PICK ONE !

  • Advice


  • haha

    haha damn this commercial was funny real good and lebrons a straight beast i hope dude wins 6 or 7 rings


    Dr. Dre is a Genius.He just takin His Tyme Too Complete A Classic. WHens the last tyme he let us down?

  • Wolfman

    I feel what a lot of ya'll are saying; who cares about it anymore, it'll never drop; and you know when it drops it'll be hot. Nevermind all that. What intrigues me the most is the absurd amount of hype he receives over the release of this album. You would think we were all going to witness the second coming of Christ. Really, in a genre that is changing, this seems to be the only way he can stay truly relevant. And, I think he knows that. Building the hype, but never satisfying the desire. Even if this album is a classic, it will very likely be his last "hoo-rah" near the ending of an old-school generation of hardcore hip-hop. I'm sure he knows that. He can't honestly say he doesn't pay attention to how much hype he gets off this release. It's unprecedented. He loves the attention, and doesn't want to let it go. 2 pennies.

    • Wolfman

      P.S. I think the only other album hat has ever been as close to anticipated for this long is Rakim's. I think any hardcore hip-hop fan would agree. And, sorry but what a disappointment that shit was. So, I'm not holding my breathe thinking a brick of gold is gonna touch my hands.

  • curbstompa

    does anybody even take Detox seriously anymore? it CANNOT live up to the hype. it just can't.

  • Nathan Helton

    There will not ever be a detox, there are no songs even recorded, dre is to old to rap now so he justs sells headphones.


    I got a shit load of music to listen meanwhile. shit will be siiick

  • jack johnson

    HAHAHAHA i laughed so hard when i read the second line, everytime Dre ever officially mentions detox or talks about single being released its always followed by the lines "oh btw i have a new set of headphones out i'm trying to sell" come on he's not really gonna release it hes only talking about it to promote his headphones which is sad and screwed up. it shows he doesn't give a damn about his fans or their disappointment and only cares about getting more money out of them, even if he has to lie to them about the release of an album to promote it.

  • Anonymous

    there's no way you're going to promote a new single and shoot a new video and release this shit in december "in a perfect world" means "it aint happening". Just playing with your emotions.

  • hulsey

    how many times have we heard this bullshit from dre?

  • The Truth

    Honestly who gives a fuck about DRE now?!?! Okay he got back in the spotlot with Em for a while then what? Does he really produce his own shit?!?! Scott Storch made Still D.R.E. you think DETOX can honestly top anything off The Chronic?!?! Nahh man DJ Quik said Dre has enough material for 10 Detoxes or some shit so just release some shit if it's whack it's whack if it's dope then we got a new single but for now stop perfecting shit and release some shit that will eclipse the DOGGSTYLE record!

    • Fred

      lol, Damn. Well put. I agree. I don't get the anticipation anyway. Dre was never noted for his amazing ability to rap. He is a producer first and foremost. Storch created the famous piano riff from Still Dre and so we were really only ever going to be blown away by his production.


      Honestly, I give a fuck about Dre. He changed the whole game one time, he might can do it again. Might. It might not be up to The Chronic albums standards, but I will listen. And so will everyone else.


    LOL all this DRE hate on this blog! Yall crack me up actn like u dont care bout detox, Yall gon b jockn Dre like never b4 when this detox actually drop actn like u was neva talkn ish. haha! But 4 real F*@k Lebron and his decision!


      Yeah I'm tired of all the fake promises as well...this album was supposed to drop in what...2006? Earlier? But Dre brought in a new era of hip hop and The Chronic remains one of the most listenale albums of all time to this day...with The Chonic 2001 not too far down the list. I do not doubt Dre until an album fails to deliver. Which hasn't happened yet.

    • Anonymous

      most people are just tired of fake promises. Sure if it comes out people will be happy. That doesnt mean they don't have a right to be tired of getting lied to.

  • this

    detox wont drop this year.. this year is LLOYD BANKS YEAR!!! HFM2 nov 23

  • yerrrr

    hahahaha fuck his album, I ma dre fan but I m not waiting no more. I dont care. THIS COMMERCIAL was funny as heck though, I m just craking up, not even thinking about dudes album cause I m only gonn get mad

  • khordkutta

    I dont know which upsets me more, this or RZAs "The Cure"(?)

  • Sensaye252

    He's lost without his production team. I peeped it a few years ago when I noticed all his beats were sounding the same. He just can't find a compromise between the stuff he wants to make and what the gay ass industry and their consumers want. Yo Dre, FUCK the industry and these whack ass new school fans. Just drop something for the real niggas. That's the only way to maintain your legacy. Spark that chronic leaf and lets get crackin'. This has gone way too far my nigga.

    • Fred

      lol, in some interview somewhere he talks about not wanting to talk about joints or any of that crap anymore for Detox.

  • lushlifeXL

    fuck buying detox. dre has enough loot. everyone download that shit. if dre wants to fuck over his fans, then we need to fuck him over. real talk....and whats with the empty plastic plates? well actually, i guess it makes sense seeing how dre and lebron cant be truthful about anything they do. so wack.

  • Anonymous

    yooooo check out Brain Pollution!!! this show is fuckin HILARIOUS!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZiWe3i7Ato

  • XADS

    I don't even give a fuck about Detox anymore Dres hurting himself more then anything by constantly pushing this project back...

  • Nico 3

    The Cubs will win a world series before Detox comes out. While wanting to perfect your product makes sense, there's absolutely no way he can make 15 flawless tracks. It's not possible in today's music politics. Labels know they only need 1 song to sell a million in ringtones, or through digital sales. The rest can be filler and that's why Dre is coasting on his past legacy. It's easier than actually having to top yourself.

  • Viktor

    Chronic 2001 came out in 1999. Dr Dre might change Detox's name to Chronic 3001 and release it in 2999!

  • Controverse

    Ladies and gentlemen! Get your pitchforks and torches ready!

  • dilli

    Does he know that everytime he delays the cd, and comes with the excuse "i want it to be perfect", the burden only grows bigger? for all this "This will be a masterpiece" shit, this will have to be the 8th wonder of the world. Ok dre, fuck off now.

  • Assassin221

    You know people are getting fed up when a Detox topic doesn't even get 10 responses.

  • Anonymous

    Chronic 2001 is still THE best album released, since it was released.

  • J.M.

    So every Friday Kanye releases a song, and every Friday Dre releases...another merchandising tie-in?!?! Here's an idea for Dr. Dre: Pretend that every track on the upcoming Detox lp is actually a catchy commercial jingle for your headphones/booze/hemorrhoid cream/etc. At one 'jingle' a week, I guarantee you that the record will be ready by Christmas!

  • YSD

    I doubt Lebron inclines 350-400 pounds when he works out.

  • Flemmings Beaubrun

    Detox will NEVER come out! I'll admit I did have faith in Dre but I'm tired of this shit. It's been AGES, The 2001 album is going to be 11 years old this November. Not to mention he always has an excuse as to why he can't deliver. Even Eminem has more work ethic than him. Yeah, He did have to rewrite Relapse 2(Recovery) but we only had to wait 7 months after the intended release date to get that album. Fuck this shit, Maybe when Detox shows it's face or Dre admits it doesn't exist then maybe I'll start having respect for him. Until then, 2001 and forever.

    • ca

      Cosign this shit is ridiculous. I have an ill feeling this shit is going to be a huge anticapointment, which happens to be the word Dre created showling little confidence in his own work. At least put out a damn mixtape with the 300+ songs that you threw away. Dude reminds me of Dewey Cox when he was trying to make his "Masterpiece"....haha....Detox coming summer of 2069

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