Eminem's New Video Featuring Lil Wayne Will Air At 7:56 PM Tonight On MTV

MTV pulls out all the stops for the second collaboration between Slim Shady and Weezy F. Baby.

Tonight (September 30) MTV will air Detroit, Michigan superstar Eminem's latest video from Recovery, the Lil Wayne-assisted "No Love" . The latest in a recent trend of high-profile video premiers, MTV will air premier the video between programming at 7:56 PM EST.

The song is the second collaboration between the two Rap superstars. The first, which also received a video treatment, "Drop The World," appeared on Lil Wayne's winter 2010 album Rebirth.

The premier will be simultaneous on MTV, MTV2, MTVu, MTV Jams, MTV Hits and MTV Tr3s.


  • real nigga talkin

    ay MILDEHIGHKID 303 shut tha fuck up nigga.. wayne is 1 of hip hops most clever and dopest lyricist hes everything from grimy hood music to winnin grammys to mixtapes to throwed rap albums rappin circles around rappers accept eminem wayne is dope and you know it..its funny when you wayne haters lie to yall selves lmfaooo and this track hot and em ripped it done talkin 2 of da best on 1 song killn that shit anything else said is bullllshittttttt mutha fucka feel me

  • milehighkid303@yahoo.com

    Lame, lame, lame. Em really still is one of the GOATS, but as a TRU hip hop head, I still don't forgive him for NOT rippin' this goons ass like he should've. Waynes ass cheeks...this lil boy used to slurp outta BG's and Juvies dish and now he's Baby's pet. Fuck outta here, Shady still takes an L for messin with Wayne. LONG LIVE REAL HIP HOP.

  • 7series

    fuck that, he should've made a video for talkin' 2 myself.. song is way doper than this

  • nope

    u can tell if u look at that pic of Em that his singing not afraid

  • Alex Mendoza

    it kills me to see em and that faggot sharing a song, much less a video

    • santanaofakemi

      ayo r u forreal its the other way around em changed his style so much he terrible at rapping now lil wayne is the best rapper alive im not a human being and c4 on the way

    • Anonymous

      It kills me to see you and other faggots sharing hiphopdx, much less a white one wearing an NWA shirt


    they gonna do an album together just watch then what yall gone say or do...

  • haha

    why does em continue to do music with this trash.....little wayne is trash em can do alot better

  • Anonymous

    hate this song. no chemistry.

  • Anonymous

    Will bre surprised if this sells as much as Love the Way you Lie or Not Afraid, no hooks or choruses, just 2 verses trying to outdo eachother Bet the video is going to be shit, Em hardly has any good ones

    • Robert

      There is a hook and a chorus. You havent heard the full song have you?

    • bluelight

      What I meant was his videos are pretty conservative in their creativity. Not Afraid and Love the Way you Lie were just narratives conveying visually what he was rapping about. It's a similar formula he used for Stan, which worked cos the song and video combination as powerful. Not saying he's fell off, just his creativity hasn't been amazing for Recovery. I liked the lead single video of Relapse though, done by the same guy who did My Name Is, Without Me etc Visually his videos are boring lately, with the exception of Not Afraid cos he was flying around

    • SutterKane

      ???? Eminem is one of the only rappers left who still does have good videos, at least his flicks arent a bunch of idiots in costume jewelery standing around rented cars witha bunch of glorified prostitutes(aka video Hoes) I agree tho, this video will probably suck, the song isnt that creative itself so I cant see the vid bein any better

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