Lil B of The Pack's New Mixtape Inspired By MF DOOM

The Based God takes his latest inspirations from the Super Villain, as "MF Based" is born.

Berkley, California‘s resident eccentric emcee Lil B has just unleashed a new mixtape on the world and it takes as its inspiration from veteran Hip Hop emcee/producer MF DOOM. The tape, called MF Based, features The Pack front-man rapping over a number of DOOM's tracks as well as beats from other sources.

It’s not surprising to hear Lil B pay respect to the former KMD front-man, as the New York City veteran has made a career of subverting mainstream Hip Hop conventions while also working with some of the game’s biggest names. B’s release of the recent “Ambient-Rap” record, "The Rain in England" and his work with Pop superstar Soulja Boy show that he has clearly been taking notes.

MF Based is available for download now at Lil B’s website,

In related news, view HipHopDX's recent video with Lil B here:


  • Anonymous

    yooooo check out Brain Pollution!!! this show is fuckin HILARIOUS!!!

  • EddieMurrrphy

    i guess i missed the connection of why "it no suprise that lil' b is paying respect to doom." doom hasn't worked with huge big named people. none as huge and whorish as soulja boy. i think that is a strained and forced connection and weak ass article.

    • Anonymous

      I realize that this is a rather late response, but the connection is between their lo-fi approach to making music and their tendencies towards an off-beat flow. I understand why it might be easy to disregard Lil B's work and look at him like he's just another Soulja Boy, but there's much more to his music than that. Read this article, I GUARANTEE it will change your mind about The Based God:

  • freshyboi

    mf = more faggotry from lil b

  • hip hop sucks

    Now this dude cant come up with a dope concept himself so all over sudden he is a MF. Thin thin line between stealing and "paying tribute". Rae´s shark niggaz skit is more relevant than ever.

  • Woodrow Wilson

    On the real...a lot of these younger generation of rappers/hip-hoppers straight up suck. Its honestly depressing. I dont even know what to say. Its hard to find anything new that I like.

  • Nathan Helton

    Why yall hating, this man is a genius, yall should embrace the fact that basedgod listens to fucking DOOM

    • twoholla

      Mr. Nathan...what makes Lil B a GENIUS??? You think because he's paying tribute to MF that he's the 'G' word...because I tell you sure ain't his music, or his lyrics, or the shock-value, or his supposed 'swag', or his delivery, YES, Lil B gets props for publically acknowledging his admiration for DOOM...but PLEASE DON'T THROW THE 'G' (GENIUS) WORD around so loosely to categorize just any ol' body on this website & not look like a douchebag-deluxe

    • khordkutta

      Thinkin the same thing, i was shocked to see dude has heard of DOOM

  • SutterKane

    might as well let Wacka Flocka start remaking Rakim joints next.....SMDH

  • proent

    WTF thats like souljaboy makin mixtape over wutang beats


      you mean that's like Soulja Boy making a mixtape over Pete Rock beats.


    BEST "unheard of rapper" of ALL TIME= Vodka He is a GENIUS: Wait till "The Difference Is Drinability" Mixtape hits..GAme OVER

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