Wyclef Talks New Album, Ended Haitian Presidency Bid

After going against Haitian election officials, Sean Penn and critics, 'Clef says he'll go back to focusing on music.

Wyclef Jean has ended his legal challenge against Haiti's presidential election officials, formally conceding his run after the same officials deemed him ineligible in August. The musician who rose to fame during the '90's as a member of the Fugees made the announcement via written statement.

"This was not an easy conclusion to reach," Jean wrote. "Some battles are best fought off the field, and that is where we take this now. Our ultimate goal in continuing the appeal was to further the people's opportunity to freely participate in a free and fair democratic process."

Jean's presidential bid was denied in late August on the grounds that he had not lived in Haiti for five consecutive years prior to the election. Jean was subsequently told he would not be able to appeal the ruling.

The 40-year-old Grammy award winning artist clashed with actor Sean Penn and former group member Pras Michel during his short-lived bid. But, now he will focus on his upcoming album, If I Were President, the Haitian Experience, which is expected to be released in February of 2011.


  • Ahktane

    Never liked Clef. But I commended him for steppin up Haiti. The album title sounds fierce and sounds uplifting...

  • kotg

    http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=20462 This is the report on Wyclef.

  • kotg

    Wyclef is not what you think. He is an enemy of Haiti, for no one likes him except for the few elitists. Don't believe me? I'm posting a link below. A report has gone about his presidential bid, and he is only popular among the youth because of the capitalist image he holds in the U.S. Wyclef, along with the U.N., are counting on this appeal among the youngsters to turn the poor country into a tourist one, while the people are forced into cheap labour.

  • Steve

    I've never liked Wyclef ('cept his verse on Carribbean Connection) and I know he has been involved with Haiti long before the quake hit, but come on, he was just trying to ride the wave of tragedy into office, which is not on.

    • Mike

      Sometimes, I wonder who's helpin who; is Wyclef helpin Haiti, or is Haiti helpin Wyclef? When is this dude gonna stop using Haiti's name to stay afloat?

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