Juelz Santana Addresses Dipset's Kanye Diss, Talks Reunion Album

Juelz tells Funkmaster Flex "Toast" surprised him, since he was almost featured on Kanye's upcoming album.

The Diplomats have been creating a stir since ending their feud with a public reconciliation earlier this year. And the buzz is likely to grow in the wake of Jim Jones and Cam'ron's recent Kanye West diss track. During his most recent radio show, Funkmaster Flex placed a call to the Dipset's Juelz Santana to get his thoughts on the track "Toast" and got a few interesting revelations.

"To be honest, I really just heard the record like a fan...like everyone else," Juelz said. "I didn't even know they did it. Me, Cam and Jim have been speaking, but they must've did that when they were just together. I was on the Internet like, 'Wow!' Cam has always said certain things as far as how he felt about Jay-Z and Kanye. He's never been a person to bite his tongue."

As a soloist, Juelz Santana is Kanye West's labelmate at Def Jam, which may have helped a potential working relationship between the two.

"I actually spoke to Kanye about a month and a half ago," Santana added. "His energy was good, and he was talking about getting me down to Hawaii to work on his album."

The pairing apparently never happened, as West continued working in Hawaii while Santana has been busy with the upcoming Diplomats reunion project.

"We've been in the mix, doing a couple songs back and forth," Juelz revealed. "We're waiting for the deal to go through, which should be due any day now. We're just planning on moving forward, doing it how we do it, and giving the people what they've been waiting for."

In the meantime, Juelz will also be joining Flex and Maino at Asbury Park High School in New Jersey on Saturday September 19 for an Increase The Peace Concert. For more information visit Funkmaster Flex's blog, InFlexWeTrust.


  • flash

    I've been waitin for this shit. Niggas been sleepin on cam like da nigga aint been nice when it comes to this rap shit. Kanye is a pop ass borderline faggot nigga that gets no love from the streets in chicago. Shot out to the Dips, the renunion is a beautiful thing. As far as Jay is concerned, if a nigga got so much love why is Siegel, Dame and the rest of the rock niggas, sayin fuck that nigga. Never heard Jimmy or Juelz speak like that about Cam... Dipset all day faggots

  • Killalex

    lol juelz trying to play it cool but he's angry because jenny and cam are fucking up their careers once again

  • Anonymous

    There is a lot of aggression on this website and Im tryin to figure out the reason? Is anybody getting a paycheck from either party? If the answer is no then do yourselves a favor and fall back. If you are an artist you should be on here networking fuck wit some other brother doing you feel me. Real Recognize real stop with this back and forth bull shit. Everybody knows the talker ain't doing shit.

  • Anonymous

    Dissing a dude because the company he keeps is female shit that ain't gangsta. It would be different if the company was a federal informant. Stick to making music that has relevance because it speaks volumes. Check out my beats and artists at www.soundclick.com/philadefentertainmentllc.A&R should definetly stop by and listen because the artists we work with are really destined for greatness.

  • Lex

    What's messed up is that I like the track but can't stand cam and jones. Dislike em so much I don't think I can even buy an album they put out. Meanwhile the music will prolly be good. Tells me that being an A-hole can make u lose customers...

  • Whiterthanmost

    Ha ha ha!!! Dudes comming of like such a sucker for playing both sides of the fence! No Juelz...this isn't 2005. You can almost hear the "damn just ...just play it cool Juelz...play it cool...you'll get that Kanye beat." Lol. Might as well stick with your boys cuz...

  • Dipset Fan

    Little fact, jimmy n cam got about 140 million dollars over sizzurp, and that's only some liquor. I wouldn't say they're bums

  • sdot

    this shit is a joke, right? camron and jones going at jay and kanye over some 2004 shit. did they not see what that "trying to start beef shit" got 50. i'm sorry, i shouldn't compare you guys to 50 cause even his last album would kill your shit. jones and cam better off trying to diss justin bieber or willow smith. what jay and ye do in year you two combined won't do in a lifetime.

    • @kevin D

      wrong son. your comment would be under faggot shit. I'm shining son. end of story.

    • Kevin D

      Dictionary: Comment above would be under Jealousy.

    • do what

      WTF you talkin about homie? Do what? make money that's what you runnin your trap about? make money for what and do what with it. Hide from the people. refuse to show your face in the streets. be a house nigga. Cam and Jimmy got the real money. Jigga & Kanye are two roasted pigs fuck em both shove a bottle of crystal up both they asses.

  • what do you guys know

    LOL why are you guys all commenting on the situation like you guys really know the situation................ really answer that...? lol im sure the beef is a lot bigger, they were once family, and not anymore, and you all know when family breaks up its some real deep shit..

    • Known

      This situation is very easy to read. kanye is a stupid pig, fuckin with american teenagers. jimmy & cam doin what they do. Its very simple.

  • Jonesiscoolasaids

    Jim Jones can't even stay on beat when he raps...and every time he says something on a record its so echoed and muffled you can't even tell what he's saying...not to mention, kid has one F'n hit....one! He's not rich, so stop talkin about it, and then you've got Cam'ron walking around in rental fur coats...dude hasn't worked for years and he's gonna act like he's tight?? Pleassssseeee....he quite bc nobody was feelin him, how many of these dudes records went number 1? How many grammy's they got? Have they ever been celebrated by anything but the street they grew up on? Mind your own business (which is strugglin) and keep your mouths shut you weak ass so-called artists....

  • ALEX

    Who the fuck is Jim jones ? and Cam'ron ? nah im just playing i know these brothas, i think they each released a good single like 6 years ago, how can these weak ass nikkas be dissing anyone at all, even fuking justin bieber could diss these mothafukers


    Only insecure people randomely diss people. Everybody aint gonna like everybody. When you on your shit you aint caring bout what others b on. Let them do them. Not to mention, to not have respect for someone doing it way bigger than you is the real fag shit. Niggas be secretely jealous and don't realize how lame they look. "Jealousy is a female trait" Cam is dope, Kanye is dope. They all got classic shit. I think it's all publicity and bullshit. Them niggas gon' be waving white flags and collabin before you know it.

    • shut up

      hey idiot, whats random about it? Kanye dissed dame, thats cam's man so cam dissed him back. can u follow all that?

    • Aaron

      Dude your fuckin gay beef is what makes rap more entertaining....Yer gay if u want everyone to get along and hold hands booorrriiiiinnnnng.

  • booski

    i hope juelz know that cudi was getting on him bout saying he was talking to kanye and was planning to go to hawaii for collaborations in his interview. cudi needs to stop his shit i mean he is a good artist but u sniff cocaine come nigga.

  • Jonathan HauntedbyHustlin Cokes

    Get'em Cam! Gay-Z and Kanye are GAY AKA but buddies. Kanye makes Garbage ass music. Nobody like to that bullshit except white folks, lames, and Nigga's that live in the suburbs! and The dude BIG FACE ITALY that made the first comment need to go get his GED cause he can't spell simple grammar school words.


    look Kanye mekes good music.. not always my taste but he makes quality music. Dude is metro sexual that 4 me is the same as being gay or bi sexual LMAO. How can you call yourself a G when you go out dissin a guy like Kanye. They tried Jay a few times then Jay almost killed Faggot Jimmy Jones carier with one or two lines. J Jones is as fake as can be , he is a rat and a backstabber linkin up with 50 when Cam and 50 had beef! So so good how Jimmy's b-bash was turning into a throw a bottle at Jimmy the weazel contest! Just when i thought Cam was doing good he hooked up with trash face aka WWF Jimmy Jones

    • NormalPerson

      Someone that's "Metrosexual" is the same as being gay? Metrosexual dudes follow fashion and practice good hygiene. Gay dudes are men that have sex with other men. If you think knowing the names of fashion designers is equivalent to sucking on a penis, or having a penis rammed up your butt, you have serious issues. And are probably a closeted homosexual.

  • Bankster

    Saturday is the 18th.

  • miguel Guttierres

    Hey -------, what do you have to say about this?! Huh?!....

  • Mike Meraz

    A diss track on Kanye? These fools(jones&Cam) think Kanye's gonna waste his time responding to these wak ass dudes. How you gonna diss someone on their own beat?

  • dsd

    http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/a/u/0/dtwjp5721Ls Won Says by $WonDough$

  • Sawse Bawse

    I aint heard a good joint from Santana in a minute

  • J.M.

    Oh, man, KICK THIS GUY OUT a.s.a.p! Nothing's worse than someone who thinks for themselves! Am I right? Huh? Am I? (If you guys don't think I'm right, just tell me. I'll immediately change my beliefs to match yours.)

    • Mike Meraz

      Jim Jones and Camron' are fucking wak. So I feel Juelz lol.. the hell with them wak ass dudes, well Jones is ok, I guess.


    the homie is sayin i dont want no beef.. i wasnt there they did that when i went to go take a shit i guess


    That's it, Kick Juelz off tha Movement, give tha nod to Vado HUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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