Dr. Dre No Longer Featured On Ice Cube's Album

Cube says "The Doctor" has been M.I.A. and will no longer be featured on "I Am The West."

The long-awaited collaboration between Dr. Dre and Ice Cube may still happen, it just won't be on Cube's upcoming I Am The West album. Ice Cube updated his blog over the weekend, writing that the Dr. Dre-assisted song he hinted at back in April, was not going to happen.

"Many asked about Dr. Dre working on my album," Ice Cube wrote. "Negative, Dre has been M.I.A. for a few months now. I asked Snoop has he heard from him and he said, no. I can't wait. I gotta turn my shit in by Aug. 20th to make street date...Sept 28th. I'll keep you posted if anythang new develops."

Ice Cube is also promoting the single, "Drink The Kool Aid," which originally caused people to question if he was taking shots at Dre and Eminem. Dre's supposed absence could also mean he's working on the long-delayed Detox album again. When Cube blogged about working with Dre in April he wrote that he and Dre also talked about the possibility of Ice Cube being involved with Detox in some capacity. Ice Cube's full blog entry is available at IceCube.com.



  • Charmelle

    ill be buying for sure. www.myspace.com/crystallake416

  • Charmelle

    Im copping for sure. CUBE 4 LIFE. www.myspace.com/crystallake416

  • jack johnson

    not surprised at all, i think what ice cube said in april was that he was working on a detox track with dre, ice cube said that two years ago as well and he said he might get dre to give a beat for his album. people say this all the time every rapper says they want a dre beat that doesn't mean they actually have one or will get one. it would have been nice to see them reunited but at least i'm sure the song wouldn't have been that good anyway, dre's beats aren't as good anymore. but it would have been great to see them rapping on the same track and would have been great for both careers. whats annoying is that instead of working with artists dre's real fans like, dre is working with artists like justin bieber and sean kingston, artists most of dres real fans hate. i guess dre doesn't give a shit about being loyal to his fans

  • DLP1212

    Damn, Cube can't even get a Dre beat??? What a friend!!! Guess his ghost producers were too busy with Detox to make beats for him to put his name on and give to Cube!!

  • evil_G

    damn...Cube still got the meanest mug in the game!! as for Detox...im sure if it ever see's the light of day, it will have the Dre quality we are used too when it comes to his own albums...but this is one entertainment release where all the hype/talk/delays/rumors/bla bla bla...may actually hurt the product more than help it

  • Evan Nielson

    I'm so sick of Dre's bullshit. There's always an excuse with him. For fucks sake man, commit or quit the fucking game. I used to be hyped for Detox....back in 2004. It has gotten to the point of ridiculousness. Now, he has a chance to do a song with a long time friend and legend, and he is M.I.A? Fuck Dre. I'm done. He's more concerned with promoting Dr. Pepper, HP and his headphones than his music. Broken promises and false hope are all that have come from him in the past 5 years. This is the last straw. I for one will be DOWNLOADING Detox if it ever sees the light of day. Call me a hater, but I'm fed up.

    • Alexander Zubarev

      I agree. Fuck Detox. Too long to wait for that shit anyway. We waited like 10 years for a snippet of some song with Dre featuring Jay-Z, both who are washed up right now.

  • Quiet Dog Bite Hard

    Cube always goes hard, I'm looking forward to this album alot. Something raw & real as always. He really doesn't need a lousy Dre track in there. Dre has just faded away with average beats & a terrible record of non-releases from him & his artists the last 8 years.

  • jesterdx

    Dre is fucking clowning around I done told me peoples I won't be putting money towards detox cos it's long over due shit it's past it's cell-by-date. Cube gotta do what he gotta do by delivering the heat even if it means he gotta vent on Dre for producing for idiotic artists I will his views.

  • W. J. Rice

    In all honesty, if Dr Dre stopped making music, I wouldn't even notice.

    • Danny

      yea no shit im with you on that, hes a great producer but honestly music has changed so much it wont even matter if hes around or not

  • Nastynas4life

    Ice Cube is the realest! It's stupid though how Dre won't be in Cube's album while he goes and makes beats for dat dumb 16 year old kid, thats stupid man..

  • boywonder

    new D.Stephens and Rosa Acosta video at www.wapproved.com


    Where the fuck is Dre's priorities? All you hear about with Dre now-a-days is "DRE MAKING BEATS FOR UP AND COMING JUSTIN BIEBER ALBUM", or " DRE MAKING BEATS FOR UP AND COMING DRAKE- PIECE OF GARBAGE ALBUM". Here's a chance for Dre to work with an icon in westcoast hiphop, that he's known personally for 25 years, and he just let's it slip away. This type of shit is why the quality of music in the media is slipping

  • dirtdawg

    my comment is "no comment" Dre recently admitted that he has been working on Detox for only a few month "focused". He is not eager to release it-and you can't even blame him. for so many years now he's been sayin' that he sees himself as a producer not an artist. BUT: When he turned down producing Madonna many years ago he said" I'm only interested in producing up and coming talents not established artists" Um, Justin Bieber, anybody!?!? Everyone has the right to change oppinions but I can't help but realize that Dre always comes across kinda two-faced. Anyway, still riding his dick and who can blame me for that! He is the best after all

  • ChasingAwesome

    Fuck dre, detox n old hollywood ass cube. Detox is old news. Next>>>

  • BOB36

    Dre is dope but is too slow. I even heard dude is preparin a instrumental album, i'm startin to wonder if he tries to piss us off. How come is he talkin about another album when he still hasn't released detox in almost 10 years. SMH

    • west604

      yea his album is like GnR's Chinese Democoracy, its gonna take forever and when it finally comes out it will be shit

    • HOGG

      He trying to take Pac's words and make them reality, when Pac said he wanted to be a A&R and release a album every five years like Paul Macarthey to let his fans still hear from him, but Dre is takeing to long you can't denie he was a dope producer back in the day but after the first Chronic album he been boo boo cause he was hungry as hell then just left Ruthless and starting something new the beats and ryhming on there were classic he can't do better than that and he even know that, that's why he takeing so long to make this album. But I will tell you something if Suge was still in the picture that album would have been out 8 years ago though.

    • former Drefan

      Yeah, looks like Dre really likes to piss off the fans who are waiting for detox. Why, I really don't know. Power trip maybe?


    I be down with Cube but Dre is really clowning around with the detox album. Cube do your thing... I have a dream ... that one day yours and my grand kids bump they head to detox release date 2041 lol

  • abraham

    you guys are the bomb keep up the good work

  • Rachael Misek

    Dr. Dre got mad at Ice Cube..he is not drinking any Kool Aid.

    • phokhotic

      see Cube knows about the kool aid.DRE IS BEING VERY UN KOOL AID........HE'S ON SOME CRYSTAL LIGHT SHIT!!!

  • Hip Hop

    Dre got time to produce for Justin Beiber but not Cube? Man FUCK DRE

  • Doc Hol

    Good news Dre hasn't produced anythin ill in over a decade so really who gives a fuck I'd sooner hear Cube over some dope production than over some bullshit people are gonna call dope jus coz Dres names attached to it... Dres crazily overrated 10 years on one albums comedy


      Did you forget he produced The Documentary and Get Rich or Die Trying or songs off the Eminem Show? You said "over a decade"..thats 10 years You are a fucking idiot

    • Doc Hol

      nope didn't forget he produced Relapse & my statement stands

    • JordanM91

      You forget that all of Relapse was produced by Dr. Dre? That was last year. He's also producing for Game right now.

  • wtf

    dawg you forgot Game !!! Snoop Dogg!!! Ice Cube!!! Eminem!!! 50 Cent!!! Knocturnal!!! Kurupt & Daz!!! Nipssey Hustle! Hittman!!! Xzibit!!!

  • Lsn22s

    cosign Kay W.... imho... ideal featured artists for DETOX (i would love to see other peoples lists, seriously...interesting what different folks have in mind...) Snoop Kurupt Daz Ice Cube Hitman Eminem Devin the Dude Nate Dogg Royce 5'9 maybe Slaughterhouse? Budden?idk.. maybe Jay but not that under pressure ish... Warren G? yeah... i dont know...this is harder than i thought it was...hope dre gets his shit right...no Justin fucking beiber on Detox please...

  • Lsn22s

    damn...i was sayin w/ some of my friends not too far back that ideally, for the Detox album id love to see Snoop, Ice Cube, Hitman, Xzibit, Eminem and (unrealistically) Nate Dogg, make appearances...at the very least a feature apiece, then branch out with the new school features here and there (preferably more sparing than not, this is a damn Dre album) and show off these brilliant new production skills he BETTER be bringing after 10 yrs to top it off, that would be great...

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Dre is just mad about the Foxx Hole radio interview with Ice cube this weekend. Jamie Foxx Show 8-6-2010

  • jesterdx

    Kay W said is best

  • Kay W

    Its a disgrace , ice cube is one of the realest rappers in the game and dre passes on him cause he rather works with justin bieber and let his fans wait for about a decade for a album that probably never's gonna drop because he can't live up the hype

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