Jay-Z Talks To Stephen A. Smith About LeBron, New Jersey Nets

Hov discusses his friendship with LeBron James, as well as an expanding role with the New Jersey Nets.

Jay-Z recently made an appearance on FOX Sports Radio's "The Stephen A. Smith Show" - not as a rapper or label head, but as part-owner of the New Jersey Nets and friend to NBA superstar LeBron James.

Smith asked Hov about his opinion on LeBron's much-talked-about difficulties in the recent playoff games against the Boston Celtics. "Is it teammates not stepping up, is it the head coach not doing what he's supposed to be doing, is it Boston's defense?  Knowing basketball the way that you do, combined with LeBron James the way that you do, what is the most frustrating element out there that some of us might not be seeing?"

Jay identified Boston's recent dominance as an important factor in LeBron's difficulty. "...The first thing I would say is never really underestimate the heart of a champion.  Like, Boston just won the championship two years ago, and it was a great story for everybody to dismiss them as old and just say this is going to be an easy series.  I think LeBron and the Cavs know from the beginning, because they're basketball players, they're not into, you know, media sensation.  They knew this was going to be a war and a tough series.  I think Boston got healthy at the right time, and the fact that a lot of them were out a lot of the year, it helped them, it kind of worked in their favor because a lot of them rested...you know, they're rested and they're healthy at the right time.  And this is the champion two years, just two ago.  So, it's not like a 16-seed, this is a real team, and Rondo is playing like Nate Archibald, or somebody.  [Laughing] Who is this guy, man?"

Stephen A. Smith also posed a question for Jay-Z regarding his role with the New Jersey Nets now that the organization has a new owner. "Well, uh, yeah, I sat down with him and we had a fantastic conversation, and, you know, there were things that I wanted to really make clear, that I wanted to be like an active owner, and this is something that I really care about and it's not just a name cache for me. You know, it certainly isn't, at this specific moment, making me any money, so, you know, it's really just a thing that I love. And you know me, you know I love sports, so, you know, everybody was happy about what I was saying so it looks like I'll be taking a more active role in, you know, what's going on, and it should be fun."

When asked to clarify what an "active" role meant, Jay simply explained that his relationship with the new owner is "off to a flying start."



  • Nico 3

    Lebron is a great player, but has a long way to go before becoming elite. He has game smarts, but let's face it, he quit at the end of that Boston game, as did his teammates. You'll never be a champion like that. There's no shame in losing, but you never quit, especially when you're the two time MVP and millions of people are watching. That said, he should stay, cause he doesn't need the money and two, if he goes to the Knicks or Nets, he'll go from 60 win seasons to 20 win seasons. Stay and help rebuild the team.

  • Black and Proud

    Dustin24H6 - muthafucking lameass whiteboy don't run ya fuckin mouth about who's Black. I'm a Black Man and I'll write what the fuck I like about Uncle GayZ Tom cooning to the crackers who made their muthafuckin fortunes outta niggas and aint paying shit back. They need coons like GayZ to shit all over the Black community in Brooklyn and force em out of their homes. The nigga who helps the cracker elites make their money off the backs of Black people, their blood sweat and tears, their culture without saying shit about fellow niggas and how this Nets shit is hurting people who aint sold out and aint got wealth. Gay Z gets no respect from real Black activists and real Black people who know the politics but you aint hearing about them in the media. Th Gay Zs are expendable - the elites can ruin this dumbass in minutes if they want to, they got so much dirt on niggas who think they join the club but are in fact the slaves of the elites. Gay Z gonna fall hard in the future when they release the dirt they got on him and they set the fool up for more shady deals.

    • Illa

      Shut the fuck up you sound real stupid homie its your type of mentality that is destroying black people... If he didnt bring something back to the "hood" then he would be a sellout anyways right? Yea they may be knocking down some old broke up projects to build this stadium but you can find projects anywhere.. and if they are knocking down homes that are owned by black folks I am sure they getting a pretty penny for it. It will bring some jobs to the hood some life if growing up and getting out of the projects is selling out then muthafuckas got the game twisted.. I guess you would prefer a hand out then work hard for your shit huh? You are ignorance at its finest my man grow the fuck up and fix your shit its obvious you got some issues with people doing well for themselves you ignorant piece of dookie..LMAO

  • toby

    lbj to brooklyn nets... this russian owner could spend lots of money lol http://watchthishiphop.blogspot.com

  • mr.trh

    check out the independent mixtape anthem "FUCK GOING TO JAIL" by mr.trh at myspace.com/mr.trh or on youtube peep the video and leave a comment

  • QueenJames

    Hope Lebron aint cuddlin up to Jay Z in the NY apartment that Larry DownLow Johnson shared with Gay Z til the news broke and we aint heard about those niggas living together again. Hopefully Beyonce killed chances of that. As for Jay Z having some 'major' share of the Nets - forgeddit. If y'all do your research he owns a very small percentage. Better than jackshit but what the nigga really was there for was to show his ugly mutherfuckin black face so the usual whites hit paydirt. Shame on hiphop and what it's become with all the brainwashed niggas who say and do shit when Jay Z helped destroy the local community around there so whites could get their usual profits. This Uncle Tom is gonna pay big one day, they're gonna hang him out to dry. Wait and see.

    • WOW!!!

      DUde you have a problem!!! you really need some help/medication or something to deal with your issues. I had to read it twice just to make sure I wasn't buggin...but I got it. You are a down-low, pathetic little bum. I bet you are home sitting on your mother couch using her internet access...because you don't have a JOB. You really emphazied major share...are you serious...you won nothing. So what does that make you? NOTHING!!! You mention "NIGGA" alot in your rant...I hope you're white because if you aren't then boy you have a long sorry road ahead... Good luck!!!

    • dustin24h6

      hey u gotta hate black people i can tell i bet u broke and u hate seeing black people get money so what how much of the nets he owns but its more than what u have and prob he will make more money from that team then what would would ever see and how did he destroy the community and whites not getting there profits shit u get what u work for fuck the white people

  • Fuck Hov

    My nygga rondo bout to get dat 2nd ring while bron bron still ringless

  • Beatz.


    • young jumpaaa

      nigggggggggggggggggaa pllllllllllllllllzzzzz lebrons the 2ond best playa ever, man yall waaak if u dont think he da great. shiii west side nigga wat. yeee i b rep for compton nigga ye ye yyeee do dat meth bro hahaha yee yee pac over biggie fuck brooklyn yea yea yea yea wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nigga yea yea. lol jk im white

  • ____--0-

    hiphop is feminine. gossiping about men and about swag and who's hot and talking about clothes all day. smh.... this black man vs. hiphop

  • dlp23602



    ight if you say lebron is overrated your just a fucking idiot, the man still put up a triple double in his loss with a bum elbow, he won 2 mvps in a row and led his shittier team of 2 years ago to the nba finals a few years ago. he is far from overrated his teammates are overrated if anything with the amount of praise they got from espn in the offseason. none of his teammates stepped up in this series and lebron cant do it all himself when the celtics got rondo, pierce, allen, garnett,nd sheed stepping up. jamison got schooled, mo williams is average, Ilgauskas nd shaq are fucking old bums that need to step down, anthony parker is trash, jamario moon is ovverated, nd varejao is useless... definitely not lebrons fault now put him with a real supporting cast and see what happens

    • SeanySean

      Agreed. People who say Lebron is overrated or that he sucks are stupid. Lebron is the best player in the NBA after Kobe. Give Lebron a real supporting cast and he'll definitely win championships.

  • thekidnateboston

    Im from boston but FUCK THE CELTICS FUCK LEBRON. LAKERS ARE OBVIOUSLY GNA WIN. eat a dick, Kobe is number 1

    • distant relatives revolutions per minute

      you are not from boston i hope, if you are you do not know anyone in this city

  • Darkness MAFCKA

    Too much pressure for LeBron James... he's gonna retire from NBA Basketball and play tennis

  • prc772

    mike brown should go coach at tha y or somthin.it didnt take a genius to see that it was time for slo and old (shaq and z) to sit and just use what got u the 1 seed in tha first place with varajao and hickson as their bigs.and give moon some minutes on rondo he did a great job of defening pierce when he was in there.then run,run,run it down the also big,slo,old celtics throat.

  • kalz

    the greatest Sports City in the World BOSTON



  • poliscientifyc

    wow, it's amazing how much talk is out there about LeBron. like he was the only person who suited up out there. his team failed him. yea he had a bad game 5 @ home but you can tell it wasnt his game. i played hoop in college w/ a stinger and pinch nerve its like playing without 1 of your limbs b/c of the numbness. he played thru that and he had a bone bruise, still droppin triple-doubles on the 3rd best defense in the league... thats sayin sumthin'. 'Bron prolly shouldnt have played but if haddnt Cavs would have been swept and he would've caught more flack. LeBron will be back and will get a ring. MJ, Wilt and Kareem didnt get their first 'Chip until they were in their 7th season's so he's right there. he should stay in cleveland. The coach should have played j.j. hickson alot more than Shaq for matchup and Verajao too. K.G. was embarrassing Jamison all series long. Kobe is the best player in the League, since the NBA teams started messing w/ Allen Iverson's career by trading him every other season like a-holes, b/c of skill set. LeBron is the most athletic but athleticism doesnt win 'Chips! gotta have skills to pay the bills. LeBron isnt overrated but Josh Smith is extremely overrated (slow foot speed, slow jumper, suspect free throw and clutch ability)

  • TD

    Lebron's supporting cast was looked at all season as, "very good" & "Best Lebron has ever had". All of a sudden they suck? Give me a break. Boston all DAY!

  • Orange Juice Simpson

    Seriously...how can people shit on Lebron??? dude is MJ on Steroids!! It's not like MJ won a ring for every year that he played...ya'll need to wake up...Lebron not able to do it by himself?...well who can? Garnett...Allen...Pierce...couldn't do it by themselves...even Kobe needed some help...dude was ready to ask for a trade untill they structured the team a bit better...

    • Dum-Dum

      Kush, that might be the most ignorant thing i have read in a long time.

    • kush nap

      nobody wins by themself. lebron might be on steroids, but hes a mental midget. MJ never choked like this, and this is lebrons 2nd epic playoff choke in 2 years. MJ is fucking a white bitch celebrating lebrons failure right now.cavs had the best record in the NBA, you dont get there without help. no one mentioned the lack of help when they were cleaning teams up in the regular season. the frauds are getting exposed in 2010. drakes next. the hype is real? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • ****TEXAS DRUG MONEY*****

    Jay-Z needs more POWER in the team ownership status. Let him go draft players and break deals with players to rebuild that FRANCHISE. If he dont get Lebron, go after D. WADE and build a solid team around him. Im rooting for Jay for more power in the BROOKLYN NETS TEAM.

    • MARVIN

      if he don't get Lebron go get Wade?...did you come up with that statement all by yourself or did you just listen to BP3? hahaha groupie

  • DaGreenEyedBandit

    Celtics all day long!!!!! I'm from Boston, and this feels like 08 again!!!!!! I respect yall who are expressing an opinion, but the hate is crazy! Kobe is by far the best player in the NBA and has been for a while, but yall talkin like LeBron is a bum. There isn't 1 NBA player that has won a ring without a reliable supporting cast. All he needs is the right role players around him and he'll be good! And i know if he went to the team that you favor, you'll be jockin the man!!! We don't need him in Boston...we got THE TRUTH!!!!

  • icu ucme

    Although Lebron James had nine turnovers last night, his triple double(27p 19r 10a) was one of the best in NBA playoff history by a forward. The Celtics were just the better all-around team yesterday. I mean seriously who would you rather have- Lebron, Shaq, Mo, Jamison, or Garnet, Pierce, Allen, Rondo? I'm taking the latter.


    Labron is a very good player, but he's an embarrassment to # 23 and the comparisons to MJ and Koby need to stop, he's not that caliber of player, he can't carry the team when he's suppose to, he has no post game, and he chokes during big games, he should have put up 40, 50 points in the last game

    • DaGreenEyedBandit

      First of all, there is NO ONE who is on Jordan's level! He brought the game to where it is right now. Kobe patterns his game like Mike's, but he'll never be on his level. There are plenty of players who wear #23, and i can guarantee that LeBron is the best one wearing it...but, he's changing it next year anyway. And even if he scored 40 or 50, they STILL would've taken the L!!! Cuz we hungry again like it's 08!!! BEANTOWN BITCHEZZ!

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      Right he young, so stop comparing him to the greatest (MJ) and the next person closest to the greatest(Kobe).. Niggas who sittn on RINGS already. He will never be better than them, he would be in the topic of the greatest basketball players conversation though because of his records. Yeah he got some records but records can be broken at ne time, but you can never take them rings aways!!.It don't matter how many games u win during the regular season once them playoffs start, its a whole new season.. It's easy to go beat a good team on their bad night, but when u playing in a series, thats what separate boys from the mean, that shows you who the better team is.

    • OTAY

      Dude is still young...he carried his team to the best record in the league by himself...choked in the playoffs yes...but he has a bright future ahead of him...look at Carmelo and the nuggets...that team has way more depth then the cavs and they went nowhere...

  • Ceazar

    And them executions is a stay.

  • Ceazar

    And there is no more Westside Mafia, its the Westside Kingpens and they accepted muthafuckas into they click right now, wht u think all the Guns if 4 War pussy niggaz.

  • Ceazar

    Now 2 u fuck niggas a my amigos gon walk yo child home from the bus stop wit that thing on em, u gon open the door and let them in if u dont u gon be cumin 2 Mexico 2 pick them kids up from the office.


    jay-z, rated a.g. baby, it's all good, i sink this ball in your hole, i'm tiger woods

  • jayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    jay aint dissin rondo.. like the guy a few posts below me said when u think of celtics u think of pierce garnett and allen.. rondo was a bum (in my opinion) until last year he really excelled in his game and is a smart sharp player now and i think one of the better point guards in th league (behind nash)..but all he sayin pretty much is where the fuck he come from lol cuz now instead of the 3 players rondos now in the convo when talkin about the top celtic players

  • aoandsmith.com

    A.O. & Smith www.aoandsmith.com "The new saviors of New York"



  • bballa69

    jay dissin rondo??? come on man. rondo was the star of the series and jay is dissin him??

    • OTAY

      How is Jay dissing Rondo?? Do you even know who Nate Archibald is?...look him up...he was a star point guard that played for the Celtics back in the day...you are all different types of stupid...


    Even though I usually disguise my hate as 'constructive criticism', i'm just putting it out there that Lebron is 60% overrated. I'm not saying dude doesn't do the amazing, but in comparison to Kobe (bearing in mind his condition) i think Lebron isn't as good, at the moment.

  • kush nap

    lebron is karl malone status. all hype and no ring. how you gonna be the king, without any jewels to kiss? plus the nigga is a certified choke artist. teams can go ahead and fight over this loser, hell shrink when the games on the line. he channels the loser spirit of charles barkley. from here on out, his reputation is trashed with me. he got scared in the big game, not the first time its happened to him. celtics had heart. lebron need to get on the yellow brick road and look for one, cuz hes a gutless loser. nikes gonna sweat lebron, but the league knows hes a loser. his reputation is destroyed. skip bayless gonna son the shit out lebron.

  • pancho via

    ok, enuff about this, lets talk the similarities in basketball stars and rappers -perkins from boston- young jeezy -josh smith - game -gerald wallace - mc eight rondo - canibus need i say more?? its obvious basketball players and rappers come from the same family of monkey pancho via, you tube me im there im here im illlll

  • luck775

    FUCK gayron!!! ..its pretty damn sad when a own clevland fan disses him and praises kobe..kobe has been hurt..and is hurt right now..and hes tearin shit up still..lebron goes 3-14 in game 5 AT HOME?? u cant do that...if lebron really wants to win..he would take a pay cut and go to a GOOD team..not a GREAT team..just a good one..one that can make the playoffs..cuz u know that if he goes to the knicks..they aint gonna be in the playoffs..even if they get wade or bosh too..theres no way ny is goin there..whos gonna be the leader of the team? wade or lebron?..mmm idk but i do know is..kobe is on his way to #5 while lebron watches from home...once again..and im no lakers fan..celtics fan or nuthin..my team is the spurs..so u cant call me a bandwagon jumper or anything! haha

    • sdot12

      Both of you guys are retarded as hell. If you had a pair of eyes and intellectual basketball mind you could see Lebron was hurt. Boston knew he was hurt that is why every time Lebron got around the basketball hoop trash ass Kendrick Perkins or faggot ass Big baby (aka Ocho Ocho gayest nickname in history) were slamming into him. He was avoiding contact. Lebron had a pinched nerve man that shit is mad painful. Lebron is a beast and if he was healthy he would have won. Lebron never settles for jump shots lke he was doing that man makes his living exploding at the rim and what did you see... Lebron relying on his J. It doesn't matter steve nash and the boys are gonna son the lakers. No pun intended.


      FO REALLLLLLLLL..........lebron is over hyped trash look at this kid become old and retire with 0 RINGS!!! no one would even put him up nex to greats like shaq kobe duncan and those guys wen he cant even lead his team to the fuckin finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • problemz327

    that knick jersey with lebrons name on it is gonna be so ill...lol..thanks Cleveland...lol

  • that dude manny

    Lebron can eat a dick...matter of fact dude can eat a sack of baby dicks mother fucker ahaha

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