LeBron James Enlists Drake To Help Recruit John Wall

The rapper/baller duo teams up once again, this time to secure the top NBA Draft pick for LeBron's young marketing firm.

Over the past few months, LeBron James and Drake have made apparent their budding friendship. Besides featuring on LeBron's autobiographical documentary "More Than A Game," Drake has teamed up with the Cleveland Cavaliers baller in the past to throw star-studded parties much like their All-Star Weekend bash. Now, it looks as if the two young stars have joined together once again in an effort to recruit NBA hopeful John Wall to LeBron's fledgling marketing firm LRMR. Wall, who had a breakout freshman year on the Kentucky Wildcats, is projected to be the No. 1 draft pick.

Last month, Drake was spotted wearing a Kentucky basketball jersey during the Wildcats' win against Wake Forest. "I'm just a natural fan," the Toronto rapper told the New York Times. "I love the team. It's such an inspiring young squad and I'm a young man so I'm just here to support my team."

Drake's recent affinity for the team may also be related to LeBron's attempts to sign the 19-year old basketball player to his marketing firm. LRMR hopes to secure a deal with shoe companies like Reebok who would be willing to offer up to $3 million-$4 million every year for the NBA recruit. "Wall isn't going to be LeBron, but he's the most hyped player to come since him," said a sneaker industry insider. "And sometimes, hype is just as important as talent."

James told reporters that he has already built a relationship with Wall. "Yeah I have a relationship with him," he said. "A really good relationship. With not only John [Wall] but his family. We talk all the time."

LRMR represented the Memphis Grizzlies O.J. Mayo for a short time, as well as Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Jonny Flynn. The firm has not done particularly well in the past due partly to its status as a young entity, and acquiring Wall would be a huge kick start to its position in the industry.

Wall has not yet announced if he will sign with James' LRMR firm.


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  • Droops

    fuck lebron james...he is the lil wayne of the NBA in the sense that everyone dick rides the shit out of him..everyone kisses his ass...

  • MalcolmLittle

    "Drake's recent affinity for the team may also be related to LeBron's attempts to sign the 19-year old basketball player to his marketing firm." ^^^ Hmmm, you think??? Cut the bullshit Drake, you ain't foolin nobody...talkin about you're a "natural fan"...don't get me wrong it's possible, but highly HIGHLY unlikely. Only reason you're doin all this campaignin for John Wall and UK is cuz there's most likely a lil kickback in it for you, miss me with the goofy shit fam... *Read between the lines, and question EVERYTHING." -- MalcolmLittle http://realityreport-mlittle.blogspot.com

    • Badmofo

      Drake = Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi: The Next Generation...This dude is an actor 1st & now he is acting in real life. To bad so many people jumped on his dick so fast. A bunch of mindless turds.

    • Droops

      finally someone on this site who actually writes comments that are real talk..i agree i hate when these fucken celebrities bullshit..just a reminder of how much these famous mother fuckers got no balls and get their strings pulled all the time

    • MalcolmLittle

      Call me a "hater" or whatever bullshit term y'all want, but this nigga's so phony and transparent it don't make no damn sense...always has been, niggas that's in the know can see that. But of course, can you even expect any different?? Look at the phony and transparent ass industry and fans that support him...

  • trappajohn

    baby Jigga tryin to make power moves too??? you'll get it right one day young grasshopper

  • Ohio finest

    He ain't got nothing on evan turner player of the year

    • fukwethebest

      Just like a buckeye he didnt have a team so of course he'll get more recognition hes over rated and the nba will prove that

  • Ceazar

    Give marketing firm insentives, by law of the NBA u cant give money but if they do a page program they can get lobbied

  • Ceazar

    dont do reebok, do nike sb

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  • lebron flocka james

    o lets do ittt

  • Madvillain09

    you are damn right...UK should have handled WVU. let's see what brandon knight's got for 2010-2011!

  • Tha Ace

    i just wish we had him longer at UK, the kid is defintely a once in a decade player

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