Akon Says Dr. Dre Working On Dance Record

Akon provides some insight into what the good Doctor might have in store for fans.

In a video interview with the Associated Press, singer Akon revealed what Dr. Dre's next song might be like.

"Actually, that's what really excites me more about it," says Akon, initially speaking about Lady Gaga, who is signed to his label imprint. "You got some straight, hardcore Hip Hop guys actually moving into the dance realm."

"That's shocking," continued Akon, "when you got someone like Dr. Dre about to do a dance record. That's my point. That's crazy. But, in a way, it's so exciting for me because that just shows our industry is so open-minded to everything. And believe it or not, with that open-mindedness, we can create magic."

"It actually sounds great," said the singer of the unnamed Dre record. "He played it for me. I was shocked. I was like, 'Wow, that's dope!' When the world hear this, they might go crazy!"

It is unclear whether the record will be on Dr. Dre's long-awaited Detox, or whether he's simply producing it for another artist.

View the interview below:


  • Drefan sice 93

    Fuck corny dance music. I want bangin dark hip hop beats

  • H.I.T.T.M.A.N.

    Dr. Dre started out doin` dance music in the first place,remember World Class Wreckin` Cru? So this is not as far of a stretch as some of you guy`s are makin` it out be.Even on Straight Out Of Compton there was a song on there called Somethin` To Dance To,if I`m not mistaken.The illest producers are not trapped in one genre.A few years back I told him that Detox should be about him expanding musically,detoxing from just so-called gangsta rap.The nigga ain`t been in Compton for over 20 years anyway,lol.His music should reflect where he is at the moment and it ain`t the hood,hate to disappoint ya.Since some say he is the hip-hop eqiuvalent to Quincy Jones then he can`t just do The Chronic & 2001 type records just like Q didn`t just do Off The Wall & Thriller.And don`t worry there are some very mean beats on Tox,at least It was 2 years ago...

  • Quiet Dog Bite Hard

    So is this what the kids in the clubs are listening to? Ha!!! Dre's credibility diminishing even further. His specialty these days is delaying the albums of his artists & his own. (Game should have stayed away) & Akon is now a dance artist anyway so he would get excited about it. No more Dre day.

  • Jason2010

    Given Dr Dre track record for club joints (In da Club, No more Drama, etc...) We probaly wont be dissapointed.....

  • JiggaThatNigga

    Of course he's working on a dance record. You got to be fucking retarded if you're just discovering this now. Detox will never come out so who cares.

  • Up North

    I've said it a million times (as the rest of you probably have too), good luck waiting on Detox. I put that in the same category as the Loch Ness Monster. BTW: I had a hater on here who was a Dre stan, he might be somewhere dancing for Dre to his new record. Where u at BMIZZ?

  • ljabarr

    Dr. Dre dance record = Gaytox Please don't do it Dre!!!

    • NiGGa PLeeZ

      U stupid if u think a Dre dance record is wack. What do you base that on? Where's the evidence to back that ignorant ass statement up with??? Which songs? Do ya homework home boi b4 u speak...otherwise u just sound uneducated...like a republican...

  • www.212DIAMONDCITY.com

    Dance records is what is bringing in the money these days so I guess he had to get on it. FINE DIAMOND JEWELRY AND WATCHES AT AFFORDABLE PRICES http://www.212diamondcity.com

  • Ill JuJu

    LOLLL !!!! fcuk DETOX sheit is gonna be wack as hell LOOK OUT FOR BONE THUGS NEW CD AND DAMIAN+NAS NEW CD !!!! THIS IS HIP HOP fuk that dance ish

    • NiGGa PLeeZ

      Detox gonna be wack? Has Dre put out a wack album before? Both the Chronics is hiphop classics. So tell me where's your proof that its gon be wack? His track record speaks for itself u remedial fuck.

    • gaetarick

      I agree ... honestly, who the fuck is waiting for this shit! That goes for detox 7 this "dance" shit. Keep it real!

  • Deebo Detroit

    a dance record??? man we all ready have enough of those out, dre needa come with something fresh and new not just play to what everybody else doing right now

    • NiGGa PLeeZ

      Everything Dr. Dre puts out is fresh and new...that's why it takes him 7+ years to come out with it. It takes time to make timeless music. Dre is in a league of his own. All time best producer of all time...ya favorite rapper agrees with me too

  • imeafk

    i dont care if this track is good or the production... i only care about rap records from dre...

  • Drucifer1983

    Ya'll must've forgotten about the Wrecking Cru, Dre started out making Danc music I just hope its not gonna be on Detox

  • Best Rappers

    SMH, Man, Remember Hiphop use to be tight in the 90s, Man, What happen?2pac passed on, thatz what happened, plus how i suppose to belive this dre track is tight,why? cause Akon said it,Akon aint no special artist, dude singing voice is annoying and plus he sign Lady Gaga, she ass, but hope fully the track be tight tho.

  • Rachael5922

    I am not open minded to the idea that Lady Gaga, a rich upper class white italian, represents a part of hip hop, i am quite certain, that the origins of hip hop come from Jamaica and toasting was one of the first ways to create a rhythm and story without singing. I really resent you compiling pop music with the music of a common persons struggle and saying they share same themes. This is an insult to hip hop not a compliment. I don't like your thinking right now Akon.

    • ljabarr

      Ladt Gaga is a jew

    • HHH, that's me

      Gimme a fucking break with all that "jamaica, keep it real" bullshit. Fuck outta here. this is 2010, not 85. We're over that "we represent the struggling man" thing. You wanna hear rappers talk about the struggle? Listen to Pac or Scarface.. The rest of us are on to the next one.. Not saying we should ignore all that, but come on man hip-hop needs to evolve. It's exactly because everyone does the same old shit that hip-hop is dying.. So don't come her with that shit because if anything, going back to talking about the same shit will further bury the genre. Dre, if a track with Gaga will mean you'll make that fire and will mean you'll bring something to music that no one else can, then have at it boss. Don't listen to what these "keep it real" heads are saying, these are the same dudes that never buy an album anyways. Hip-hop needs to be more open-minded. It needs to let in more concepts, more sounds, more diversity and most of all more tolerance. That's a cornerstone of rap to begin with.

    • Dab

      Who cares where its started from. What we should worry about is where its headed

  • Fürher

    dont think the dance record is gon be on detox, however if dre makes a dance record for anyone, its going to bang i swear, just think of the sound alone, no one mixes records like dre, sonically he is the best and you know the rest of his talents so that record sure would be fiire


    I think detox has been built up to much. Dre just cause timbaland went the dance route doesnt mean the KING of hip hop beats should. I love dre but I dont want to see this!!

  • dcb30333

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  • Lee Majors

    Dre will die of old age and detox will be released posthumously be jimmy iovine

  • dcboyz3033333

    NEW MUSIC eminem feat 50 cent and lil wayne! leak song come listen before they deleate my page song called (goon luv) copy and paste myspace.com/mroc303 myspace.com/mroc303

  • weeflound

    I think Akon is talkin shit...tbh alot a these guys say things and they're just making things up 4 attention...now a just don't care about Detox...but i am looking 4ward 2 R.E.D...and WTF happened 2 Relapse 2?SMH

  • Slimey T

    probably the most expensive album like EVER

  • MosesPerez

    "The industry is not so open minded to everything" That is definitely not true. Tech N9ne for example the #1 independent artist in the world has no radio/video play. Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Mistah Fab, Murs, Slaughterhouse, (r.i.p)Mac Dre, Messy Marv, the list can go on forever. The industry needs to get off of their high horse, and let some of these real lyricist's/hip hop artist's be recognized for their talent and hard work they have put in for some time now.

  • bob0923

    wtf is dre doing? I'm not looking forward to detox anymore with this and the other comment about how he's been going to the clubs to figure out what to do for detox...

    • MosesPerez

      I guess he's trying to create the ultimate album. If he were to do what he did on chronic, chronic 01, and let it come natural. Detox would be a hit. Instead he's trying to follow up with what's new. I still have respect for him, but I've been anticipating this album for a few year's now, and still nothing.

  • cjrocker

    At this point, Detox has to be the indisputable greatest album of all time.

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