It’s not every day a member of the Wu-Tang Clan is down to jump on a track. For Blimes Brixton, evidently it was her lucky day.

The Bay Area-bred, Los Angles-based rapper has surfaced with a new video for “Hot Damn” featuring the one and only Method Man.

Directed by DJ Turner, the visual takes a laid back approach, and shows Meth with plenty of weed and a plethora of homies before the duo takes a cruise around sunny California.

“I stepped away from battle rap because of the high doses of negative thought you have to produce to thrive in that sport,” Blimes tells HipHopDX. “I didn’t see it benefitting my psyche or falling in line with my true voice but five years after my peak in that scene and the Ticalian Stalian is quoting my own song to me face-to-face … telling me he’s seen all my battles… I never in a million years would think that path would have broadcast my voice thru the speakers of legends like Meth.

“But man, this experience really gave me a whole new level of gratitude for that chapter in my life. Having the opportunity to connect with a hero like him reminded me that you make never reach where you’re going if you can’t appreciate where you’ve been. I’m just feeling blessed and so grateful at this moment in my life.”

Blimes is preparing a full-length release via Peach House, her all-female record label.

Watch the “Hot Damn” video above.