Ty Dolla $ign has been very vocal with his “Free TC” campaign. With the campaign he is seeking to raise more awareness for his brother, Gabriel “TC” Griffin, who is serving a prison sentence after being wrongly convicted for murder. On March 25, Dolla $ign re-released his Free TC album with four bonus tracks as a deluxe album. He wants to being as much attention as possible to the project because he is continuing to use proceeds from it to pay for the legal fees for his brother TC’s case.

Along with the deluxe album, Dolla $ign also made a documentary detailing TC’s story and explain how he is one of 10,000 people who are wrongly convicted in America each year. HipHopDX was on hand at the screening for the documentary.

“I wanted to put out the visual documentary actually when I first put out the album,” Ty Dolla $ign says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, “but time didn’t work out to do it that way. Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens when it’s supposed to. Now we have new songs and a new visual to go with the deluxe version of Free TC, so everyone should to out and get it even more important than the first time.”

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Check out the  “Free TC” Documentary above.