The “Cha Cha” singer recently stopped into Hot 97 to talk about his record. D.R.A.M. wound up getting a few light jabs from the Hot 97 staff, though. In the video, they explain to him that tacos, sombreros and hot sauce are Mexican, and that Dominicans don’t ever dance the cha cha.

D.R.A.M. (Does Real Ass Music) responds in a soft-spoken tone:

“It’s the whole Latin culture. I don’t want anyone that’s Puerto Rican to feel left out, or Cubano or whatever… It’s the whole Latin culture. The fact that we embrace y’all and we love y’all – especially black men – I know we have a thing for Hispanic females. I love everybody. You can come up to me and show me some love, I’m gonna meet you half way.”

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“Cha Cha” is off the #1EpicEp, which D.R.A.M. dropped to his Soundcloud three months ago.