NYC Lower East Side production trio The Manorail have released their first official single, “Habitat, which features OGs Punchline and Sadat X.

Composed of Shish (who also rhymes on the track), Atrane, and Sed, the trio aims to capture the ’90s boom bap Hip Hop sound of their youth in New York City. 

Raised in the Rutgers Houses projects, Shish and Atrane (who are brothers) met with fellow resident, MC/producer Fokis, and The Manorail was born. The group started to get some notoriety outside of their circle when they scored the music for one of the longest, most famous Hip Hop theater productions, “Platanos and Collard Greens.” 

The Manorail is teaming with Fokis’ label, Loyalty Digital Corp, to release their catalog of music that goes back to the early ’90s as well as some new material.