In the South things may seem to move a little bit slower, but don’t let the slow riding old school cars along with the chopped and screwed style of music fool you. The Geto Boys told us years ago not to let your mind play tricks on you. Several stars from the South as well as other parts of the country are all out just to be heard. Most southern artists start on an independent level which is a testament to their smarts whether the world thinks they are slow or not. Paul Wall is no exception. His latest and highly anticipated release is finally in stores. Distributed by Asylum/Atlantic and Swishahouse The Peoples Champ is Paul‘s insightful ode to his city of Houston, Texas. The Lonestar state has recently popped back up on the worldwide circuit in the form of its newest phenomenon’s Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, and Chamillionaire. All are hot in the streets of Houston and all are destined to be starts worldwide.

starts off his disc with I’m A Playa featuring Three 6 Mafia. The track is a testament to what the rest of the disc is about. Fly Cars, fly women, fly clothes and plenty of diamonds, which basically means, if shit talking is the premise for a great album then Paul‘s going to be a superstar. Paul also shines on Ridin’ Dirty where Trey Songz ups his ante and shows why he is also one of the hottest new cats on the scene.

One of the hottest cuts on the disc reminisces the days of old when the Roc ruled Hip-Hop. On State To State Paul and Roc-A-Fella veteran Freeway trade verses to the point where Paul sounds like he could have been part of the Roc all along. Do not sleep. This kid definitely has skills As I said before if you still have a love for more flossing in your music rather than brain work deciphering lyrics, then you’ll love, So Many Diamonds with T.I. It’s a simple bragging rights track but Paul and T.I. make the track do what it do. Sittin Sideways has already buzzed all over the nation as Paul‘s first single. And the disc promises some good follow ups to Paul‘s major label debut track.

Internet Going Nuts
is a chopped and screwed track where Paul uses his tight line from his verse off Mike JonesStill Tippin‘ as his hook and he talks freely about his web surfing for hotties on various sites including In the act of keeping it Houston flavored throughout the disc Paul enlists the help of Bun B and BG on Trill, and the track is all about the life in a day of a hustlers who’s sole purpose is to stay fly and get paid and of course, free Pimp C. Drive Slow features Kanye West and GLC. It’s a smooth mellow jazz influenced track that makes one just want to drive slowly to the laid back riffs and words on the track. Smooth hook, smooth notes and lessons about how to creep in the car and how to slow down on the boppers and hoes of the world. Too bad the track was already on ‘Ye‘s album last month.

The anticipation of The Peoples Champ basically made Paul a household name before the disc dropped. After actually listening to the project it was worth the wait but still could have been a little more introspective with more heartfelt tracks. Like the final track on the disc Just Paul Wall. For the most part it is what it is; shit talking made to sound good. The disc is still a great effort from Paul with other artists like Lil Wayne, Archie Lee, Cootabang, Grit Boys, GLC and Aqualeo closing out the rest of the disc with decent tracks like Got Plex and Sip -N-Get High. Houston keeps it moving and growing with this one.