Come on admit it…Slim Thug reminds you of Master P…in my opinion the man is the 21st Century version of P…from the pull yo’self up by the bootstraps approach, southern attitude and drawl…to put it it out there to the haters by stating that he’s platinum before anybody knew who he was.

“You fools just went to school to learn pro tools/And try to copy G moves off the 10 O’clock news”

Aaaah! You just want to do that after one of his verses…but, I digress…

This highly anticipated album…Already Platinum has received much hype…the tracks that include the Jazzy Pha laced Incredible Feelin’ to the best of the Neptune produced tracks I Ain’t Heard Of That…the ‘tunes also laced another song that has been burning radio, Like A Boss definitely defines Slims attitude and feelings regarding handlin’ his biness.

Slim throws up the Houston love as he teams with Bun B and T.I. on 3 Kings where they give a shout out in the chorus for everybody to say Free Pimp C.

Though the album has whip and club appeal AND Slim with his chips stacked and underground celebrity could afford production from whomever he wanted , I feel that the album like Mike Jone’s is up for pop appeal…it just falls short on what many feel that the cats from Houston are capable of…Slim proves he may crack gold with this album…but, platinum may take a minute….