Where is Reggie Noble?
Pretty much where he has always been: amusing listeners with his hilarious
lyrics and smoked-out delivery. Malpractice
strays a little from Redman‘s usual Erick Sermon and Rockwilder production formula. They are still there of course but
there is a little experimentation here as well. Red‘s new label mate, T-dots finest, Saukrates, provides a signature beat on Uh-huh. While that track is pretty hot, most of the others do not
fare so well. Dat Bitch is pretty
hideous and Smash Sumthin’ is not
much better.

Enjoy Da Ride is a carni-inspired
track that is saved by some nice flows by all the participants (none better
than Meth‘s). Both Diggy Doc and Lick a Shot are vintage Redman
as he rocks over E-Double‘s simple,
thumping beats. Let’s Get Dirty, an
obvious club banger, serves its purpose well as it is pretty rowdy. However, Rockwilder continues to disappoint me
by serving up these single-layered throwaway beats. The other Roc produced track, Whut I’ma Do Now, is straight

J.U.M.P., Muh-fucka and Wrong 4 Dat
are all decent enough, nothing offensive. Doggz
is pretty offensive as Red
tries to reach the southern crowd. Meanwhile Bricks Two doesn’t even feature the Funk Doc. I’d be remised not to mention the always amusing Soopaman Luva, this albums features 2
parts and they are both true to form. If there is one person who I don’t mind
littering their LP with skits, its Redman.
That shit always makes me laugh.

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While this album was disappointing for its mediocre production it also featured
too many guests for an emcee who does not need help carrying an album. Fortunately,
like any great emcee, Redman shines
no matter the production. The lack of continuity of Malpractice doesn’t hinder Redman
from ripping mics, he stays true to form. While this is no Muddy Waters it will still give you your required dose of Redman. Still, I likes my Redman grimy.