I kicked my feet up, doob in hand and sparked Mr. Thavius Beck in “Decomposition.” While giving this composition a spin I decided to have a game of electronic chess and “Decomposition” became my theme music for the battle. It turned out to be the most fucked up game of chess I have ever played. The sounds on this CD are insanity, living in the mind of Thavius demanding no review or explanation.

I am forced to provide a review at the moment but this CD need not be reviewed it must be experienced with a blunt and a snifter of mescaline. It is an intense mix of electronically sampled consciousness along with a sack of exotic beats and base lines. To experience the full potential of Decomposition I firmly believe the listener must put themselves in an inebriated mental state, whether that comes to you via a narcotic or by a lightly lit room filled with unconsciousness and incense, this CD is definitely an experience for the senses. It challenged me to think for myself during the long spaces between hypnotic techno and exotic hip-hop-esq samples used by Thavius as a gateway drug to the listeners’ imagination.

Try giving this CD a spin in the dark with a syringe full of unconsciousness, you wont soon regret it.