If one word could be used to describe Flesh-N-Bone‘s sophomore album it would be eccentric. Then again
all productions from the Bone camp
have been slightly eccentric. In fact, 5th
Dog Let Loose
, is so helter skelter that it is extremely difficult to make
sense of most of the songs. The title is never explained, which only adds to
the mysteriousness of the record. Unfortunately, like most solo Bone albums this one falls flat.

With the exception of a paltry few tracks, the majority of the songs have
little that distinguish themselves from one another. The elements that made Bone an interesting group in the past
are not present here: the blending of five superb sing-songy voices, and even
more importantly the ominous and majestic production of DJ Uneek. Most of the beats are lackluster and erratic, and the
novelty of Flesh‘s rapid syllabic
flow has definitely worn off. At one time Bone
fans may have been enthralled with deciphering the group’s lyrics, but there is
little on 5th Dog Let Loose that
would inspire one to do the same. Perhaps the most detrimental setback to this
album is the absence of any decipherable, distinguishable, or lovable choruses.
The few good tracks are those with entertaining hooks. Amen with Montell Jordan
is the album’s highlight, and uses the same sample that made Outkast‘s Git Up, Git Out a hit many years ago. Way Back, and If You Could
featuring Flesh‘s Bone compatriots are the only other
songs of notable value.

5th Dog Let Loose makes it all that
much more evident that Bone‘s once
platinum reign on the music charts is unequivocally over.