First of all I have a confession to make, I am not a fan of gangsta rap. However, I am willing to make exceptions, such as with MOP. Simply put, Warriorz, the duo’s fourth album is damn good. Lil Fame and Billy Danze have maintained their aggressive style of rhyming, in fact they yell more than they ever have before. If you don’t like to hear two emcees screaming violent threats over thunderous beats, then this disc will probably make you cringe. But if you appreciate talented rhyming over solid production, and you can bear the gangsta posturing, then you will love Warriorz.

‘s longtime production guru, DJ Premier, appears on about a third of the tracks and makes his presence felt on all of them; of these the most notable are Face Off, and On The Front Line. Underground beat wizard DR Period puts in work on two songs, one of these is the energetic first single Ante Up. Unfortunately, Ante Up is plagued by an annoying Funkmaster Flex intro, but this portion can easily be fast-forwarded. Surprisingly, MOP made two of the best songs themselves, Welcome To Brownsville with Teflon, and sure shot mixtape favorite G-Building.

Once again MOP has successfully made an album that sounds great.