Youngbloodz are returning and burning up the club with Drankin’ Partnaz for all their fans who are thirsty for that “fuck up the club” style crunk music for you to abuse it. “Whatchu Lookin’ At” is one of those songs that’s designed with the sole purpose of amping you up before hitting the club. As much as you wanna have fun, there’s going to be trouble from somebody. Whether the trouble is big or small depends on the way you sway, hence, the “Whatchu Lookin’ At” chorus. If you check a dude before he gets to thinking he can take you then a fight is averted. You see? So, Whatchu lookin’ at?

The song “Sean Paul,” is an ode to one half of this rambunctious duo. But, I think that it’s also to let people know that he’s not the same as the dancehall cat blowing up the radio. Yeah, I know that sounds silly, but some people are just that stupid. It’s a lot of talking shit with a sub par beat. On “Hustle”, the mediocrity continues. The group that once heralded itself as innovators, now just sound like everybody.

“Cadillac Pimpin'” takes it up a notch though. It’s a smoothed out, tour de force of mackin’ and showing off. Like I said, it’s better, but a step above crap ain’t much. “Mud Pit”, starts off with some “get hyped” potential. Depending on your geographic location, it has the possibility of getting the party started. “My Automobile” is one of the better jump offs as well.

It’s at this point that I’m realizing this set isn’t as crunked out and bass heavy as I expected it to be. Lane to Lane’s lyrics are gangsta and dirty, but the beat still leaves me feeling unfulfilled. Drankin’ Partnaz, the set’s title track, is where we expected it to get crunked, and we weren’t disappointed either. The lyrics and the beats are what are what we expected to witness on the previous tracks. The smoothed out, pimp-o-matic machine is in full effect on “Mind On My Money.” It’s at this point, where I’m looking at the CD and thinking, “it’s getting a little better than sorry and maybe approaching ‘average album status’.” “Lean Low”, is an ode to them nasty, booty dropping gurls, and heralds more good times in the club. “No Average Playa” ‘s beat is the type that we had been expecting to hear on the other 15 tracks. After all, heavy beats are what makes a crunk song, crunk and not the same ol’ tired gangsta/pimpin’ lyrics.

Damn it, as much as I wanted to embrace this set I just can’t do it fully. Youngbloodz seems to have been run up on by the sophomore slump, and it beat the shit out of ’em.