Name two people from different crews who have come together and made hip hop fun again? No, well the two men known as Method Man and Redman will jog some memories. And with their new film, How High, comes an accompanying soundtrack in the shape of How High.

Packed with 20 tracks of the Blunt Brothers at their best, the interesting thing about this soundtrack is the fact that you’ve probably heard a lot of the tracks before. And the mix works well.

Starting with “Part II“, which uses a sample from Toni Braxton’s “You’re Making Me High“, is a nice track with production by Erick Sermon. Other definite beauty’s include the remix of the summer smash “Round and Round” produced by DJ Hi Tek, featuring Jonell and Method Man. Also, Cisco Kid featuring Cypress Hill and “War” and “Let’s Do It“, which has a very nice Asian back beat with Meth and Red at their very best.

The latter half of the album is a collection of Def Jam classic partyt tracks with meth and Red in the thick of it. DMX’s “Party Up In Here“, Ludacris’ “What’s Yo’ Fantasy” as well as classic BB tunes, including the stellar “How High (video remix)“, “Bring da Pain” and the hot-but-short “Da Rockwilder“.

The album plays more like a Method Man and Redman greatest hits album with some new tracks put in for good measure. And it’s a collection hip hop heads will love.

And with the Blunt Brothers making the transition into films, its obvious they want everyone high on hip hop.

“I figure study high, take the test high, I get high scores, right?”