The big No Limit tank, which “had a lock on Billboard”, hasn’t spawned that many solo successes. But there has been one survivor had made itt through the war. Mystikal jumped ship and immediately came forth with Ready to Rumble which had the whole world shaking their ass.

Now the Desert Storm vet is back with his third Jive release, Tarantula.

The 14 track opus, with production by Rockwilder, Neptunes, Scott Storch and KLC(formely of Beats By The Pound), also features Butch Cassidy, Redman and Method Man, and Juvenile. And you can see Mystikal’s niche in the hip hop market.

The first track Bouncing Back, produced by Neptunes, hits with an old school jazz feeling, mixed with Mystikal’s sometimes incomphrensible lyrics and they work well. Other hot ones include Settle The Score featuring former CMB Juvenile, Smoke One, Alright and I Get It Started featuring Redman and an on point Method Man (and the album is where?)]

“I’m coming dirty like dozen/ come on, like buzzlight year, lets get our buzz on.”

But as usual with most hip hop albums, there a few album fillers, which sound contrived and rushed in production. The title track Tarantula featuring West Coast crooner Butch Cassidy is a simple ‘duh, duh, duh, duh’ beat. Pussy Crook is a boring track, plain and simple. Paper stack featuring Big Truck signees Shoonie, Beezy Boy and Dart is reminiscent of his No Limit days. Which isnt a good thing.

On the whole, the wild haired lyricist has made a good attempt at a follow-up and although it may not be five star status, it is definately one for the collection.