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Review: Wifisfuneral Steps Up His Game On “Ethernet 2” EP

His best body of work to date.

Review: Chris Brown’s “Indigo” Is A Publicity Stunt That Needs To Cease & Desist

Having thirty-two songs to endure is complete overkill.

Review: Twista's "Summer 96" Is Not The Album Chicago Needs Or Deserves

Great idea, poor execution.

Review: Freddie Gibbs & Madlib’s “Bandana” Is A Rap Noir Masterpiece


Review: Tyga Unfortunately Believes The Hype On "Legendary"

Amazingly average work.

Review: Domani Demonstrates His Emotional Depth On "Time Will Tell"

Regardless of familial history, this ATLien is an artist to watch out for.

Review: Heatmakers Steal The Show On Jim Jones' "El Capo"

The Dipset boss does his thing on the mic, however.

Review: B.o.B’s “Southmatic” Is Messy Yet Entertaining

Another foray into aimless Bobby Ray albums.

Review: Your Old Droog Drives To Next Level Lyricism On "Transportation" LP

Droog is in the driver's seat, so buckle up, it's the raw.

Review: Mozzy’s "Internal Affairs" Album Is Another Win For The West & Him

He's still holding back, though.

Review: K Camp‘s “Wayy 2 Kritical” Mostly Falls Flat

A glaring lack of effort makes for some throwaway records.

Review: Kaiju The Unconquerable’s ”Cringeworthy” Is Dripping With Character

Trap vibes packed with sufficient nerdery to please even the staunchest comic on crowd.

Review: Gucci Mane's “Delusions Of Grandeur” Is A Masterwork In Autopilot Raps

If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Review: Trevor Jackson's "Rough Drafts Pt. 2" Proves He Needs To Focus On The Final Exam

The "grown-ish" actor has some growing up to do.

Review: Lil Nas X Debut EP “7” Makes The Case For His Longevity

You can't call him a one-hit wonder anymore.

Review: Denzel Curry Embraces Miami To The Fullest On "ZUU"

Did he match the heights of 2018's "TA13OO" album? HipHopDX renders its verdict.

Review: YG's "4REAL 4REAL" Has A Banger For Every Type Of Listener

As well as some they'll totally skip.

Review: Beast Coast’s “Escape from New York” Is Overflowing With Flows

A solid offering but not the classic they're capable of as a unit.

Review: Benny The Butcher’s “Plugs I Met” Is The “Tana Talk 3” Follow-Up Fans Deserve

The Butcher is back and better than ever.

Review: Casey Veggies Keeps It Real On "Organic" Album

The L.A. rapper proves that authenticity is the way to go.

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