Yung Miami has opened up about what she believes makes for a positive romantic experience in bed.

The City Girls rapper sat down with Mary J. Blige and actor Taraji P. Henson earlier this week for Mary J’s debut episode of The Wine Down, where the trio discussed a myriad of steamy topics including their definitions of good sex.

“I think good sex is like when you take somebody’s soul,” Miami explained. “When you feel like if you taking my soul, I love you, I can feel you.”

Mary J. said she can only have sex with partners she feels a connection with and Yung Miami pushed back that sometimes she enjoys the disconnect so there’s no guilt in going their separate ways.

“I like sometimes when it’s like not a connection because I ain’t gotta go crazy,” she continued. “I could just do our time and it’s good and we go our separate ways.”

This isn’t the first time Yung Miami has opened up about her sex life. She previously lit Twitter on fire when she revealed in January that she enjoys her man giving her a “golden shower” during a raunchy episode of Caresha Please with Trina.

“It say take a shot if you like golden showers, I do. I just like it,” Miami admitted while Trina was taken aback. “I’ll take a shot. I don’t know, it just feel so good. I had a golden shower and I liked it.

Yung Miami Gets Put Through Grueling Gym Workout: ‘I Thought I Was Going To Faint’

Yung Miami Gets Put Through Grueling Gym Workout: ‘I Thought I Was Going To Faint’

“It’s fun. You know when you drunk and you just [get] pee in your butt, pee in your pussy. I don’t know. You can pee on me when we’re in the shower, you can pee on me once you cum, it just depends. It depends on how the night’s flowing.”

Being that Miami is dating Diddy, “Pee Diddy” became a trending topic on Twitter in January as fans believed the Bad Boy mogul was the culprit.

In January, Yung Miami revealed she felt instantly at ease the first time she met Diddy‘s family, noting a special bond with his mother and twin daughters.