Yung Joc has questioned whether the very public feud between T.I. and Boosie Badazz is a real thing or just a marketing ploy.

During an interview on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion, the Atlanta native reflected on the beef between his rap peers and acknowledged how they both stood by their respective beliefs regarding their issues. But Joc made it a point to say there could be an ulterior motive behind the beef.

According to the “It’s Goin’ Down” rapper, T.I.’s last album is on the way, and with that comes an official rollout to accompany the project.

“So it’s kind of one thing if you my OG, and I can speak out against you, I can’t migrate to another city and link with a n-gga who done did the same thing, and not say nothing,” the 42-year-old began. “So that’s the space Boosie in, and he standing on that. I don’t know if for Tip, ’cause he’s like ‘Man, I thought we were good.’ But then at the end of the day, I don’t know what’s real no more.

“They had the joint album. Now T.I. said that he’s gonna do his last album where he be throwing himself as the king. It could be the press for his new album. ‘Cause it was just that fast with him and Boosie. With Boosie doing that, it’s a lot of people who still love Tip in the way that they’re, ‘You know what? With you doing that, bro, we gon’ support this shit whole 100 percent.'”

Joc continued: “And there’s some people who love Boosie that are like, ‘You know what? You stood on that, we gon’ support you.’ So I don’t know what the fuck. When I think about marketing, when people talk to me about shit, I always saw it go wrong. I say some shit in the background and then, when that shit come out, n-ggas be like, ‘Bro, how the fuck you knew that?'”

T.I. and Boosie’s supposed beef started when the former recalled an incident involving him and his late cousin, Toot. As the Atlanta rap legend explained, he and Toot were running a hustle in their native ATL involving stolen upscale clothes when they were pulled over by cops, who discovered a gun in Tip’s possession.

Toot — who introduced T.I. to DJ Toomp, the producer behind hits like “What You Know,” “24’s” and “U Don’t Know Me” — was murdered during the court case. At the urging of his lawyer — and with Toot’s alleged posthumous blessing — Tip avoided incarceration by claiming the gun belonged to his cousin.

Boosie took issue with the Grand Hustle general’s actions and called him a “fucking rat” while also scrapping the joint album they were planning to release together.

“With the T.I. situation, if he did that – you a fucking rat too,” Boosie told VladTV. “I don’t spare no muthafuckin’ body. Because if you doing anything wrong, you doing anything criminal and you cooperate with law enforcement to get you out of trouble – that means you’re cooperating. That means you’re a rat.”

T.I. Calls Out Boosie Badazz For Ignoring Invite To His 'Paperwork Party'

T.I. Calls Out Boosie Badazz For Ignoring Invite To His 'Paperwork Party'

T.I. later said there was “no beef” between him and Boosie, but the a few days later he dropped off a diss record aimed at the Baton Rouge rapper.

On “Active,” which also features Kevin Gates, T.I. spits: “You started yellin’, started tellin’/ But on IG, you hard as hellin’/ I’ma tell you somethin’ serious/ Come in here tryna boost ya career and commandeer/ I’ma commandeer the situation, treat him like a hunting deer in the frontier.”

His verse continues: “Listen, I’ve been King 21 years, took losses, never shed one tear/ That’s ’cause even when the future unclear, confidence, I always had a ton up here.