Nashville, TN

Young Buck and Starlito have squashed their longstanding beef which stemmed from a physical altercation at a basketball game years ago.

On Sunday (March 19), Young Buck went on Instagram and posted a picture of him and Starlito with a caption that spoke of a man that was ready to bury the hatchet with his fellow Cashville music contemporary.

“We Don’t Owe Nobody No Explanation Or Explaining!!!!,” Buck said. “Just Know Our Misunderstanding Has Been Squashed [100 emojis] !!! On That Note…. @starlitogrindhard LETS GOOOO [Exclamation point emojis] #Cashville ITS [UP! emojis] [Rocket emojis].”

Young Buck then followed up his original post with an IG Story that read: “Big win [Gold number one medal emoji] for the city, proud to see this.” He tagged Starlito in his IG story as well.

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Young Buck and Starlito’s beef started in 2017 when Buck confronted Starlito at a basketball event in Nashville, Tennessee. According to video footage, the former G-Unit rapper put his hands around Starlito’s neck, swung on him and screamed “Watch yo muthafuckin’ mouth” afterwards. The altercation allegedly took place because Starlito called Young Buck a gay slur.

After the melee took place, Starlito released a diss track called “You Should Be Proud.”

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Young Buck Addresses Bankruptcy News & Starts 'Buck 4 Buck' Campaign

“Nobody ever did it bigger for the ‘Ville than Buck/ But I’m realer and I really don’t even give a fuck/ How the fuck you know you never know who fuck with who/Pplaying both sides ain’t cool/ I don’t fuck with you/ I always pay homage/ I always kept it honest/ You call me ’cause you thought I tried to holler at your baby mama/ I laughed/ Remember that?/ That’s the type of shit you do/ Keep a n-gga close but don’t plug ’em in like Bluetooth,” Starlito rapped.

Shortly after that, Young Buck dropped a response diss track called “Lawd Have Mercy.”

Prior to their fued, both Young Buck and Starlito collaborated on a slew of records including 2016’s “Streets Sour,” 2013’s “Countin’ My Pockets,” and 2012’s “Wake Up.”