Wiz Khalifa is tired of the negative narratives around smoking weed and he’s vehemently defended his stoner ways.

The Taylor Gang honcho took to Twitter on Monday (December 19) to dispel the thought that weed allegedly makes you lazy as he believes it’s just an excuse lazy people use.

“Weed doesn’t make you lazy your just lazy and using weed as an excuse,” he declared. The “Memory Lane” rapper recently recounted a story on the Rap Caviar podcast about smoking weed with Olympian Micheal Phelps, so he has some support for his claim.

The tweet has since caught fire in the hours since Wiz pressed send while compiling over 200,000 likes and fiery debates broke out in his replies.

“Weed doesn’t make you lazy, but it does make you feel like it’s okay to be lazy,” one person wrote. “Sober people stress out when their life is going nowhere, weed addicts won’t, they’ll just get high and feel ok…”

Another person called out Wiz for profiting off marijuana with his Khalifa Kush brand: “You can romanticize weed smoking because you profit off of it. There aren’t enough individuals excelling in their careers because they smoke weed. It’s a low level trait that makes the majority less productive. A vice.”

Earlier this year, Wiz appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he explained to guest host Anthony Anderson that it was his mom that exposed him to the productive smoker lifestyle, which eventually led to him becoming the cannabis mogul he is in the space today.

Wiz Khalifa Catches A Khalifa Kush Lawsuit

Wiz Khalifa Catches A Khalifa Kush Lawsuit

“My mom smoked pot in the house,” he said. “That was my introduction to being like, ‘Hey, it’s not as bad as people think it is.’ She operated at work and she made sure me and my siblings were really good.

“My partner Berner — he was the one who really put me onto the game and showed me the medicinal side of it and the business side of it and the genetics of it and things like that and that’s what brought me where I’m at now in the cannabis space.”