G Herbo believes he can sing Usher’s music better than Usher himself, but the R&B legend begs to differ.

Herbo showed his lighter side this week by posting a video of himself singing along to Usher’s 2004 song “Superstar” during a car journey, even hitting the high notes that open the Confessions track.

After belting out his best falsetto, the otherwise gravel-voiced rapper turned around and told his fellow passengers: “That was decent wasn’t it, though? That was decent. That boy good!”

The Chicago native displayed even more confidence in his singing ability by captioning the clip with a bold message for Usher. “@usher can’t fuck wit me on my worse day,” he wrote.

The eight-time Grammy-winner wasn’t entertaining any funny business, though, as he responded to G Herbo’s claim by posting a simple cap emoji under The Shade Room’s Instagram post.

“Usher was HIGHLY offended [crying face emojis] y’all know the OG musicians don’t play bout they talent,” one fan reacted in the comments section, while another wrote: “Super [cap] big cuz ain’t playing about them superstar vocals.”

While it’s unclear whether he, too, was joking around, Usher isn’t one to back down from a challenge, especially when it comes to musical talent.

When asked about the prospect of him putting his catalog to the test in a Verzuz battle earlier this year, the 44-year-old comprehensively brushed off the competition. In fact, Usher believes the only person that could match him in the Verzuz ring is himself.

“I think if you ever came to my show, you would understand that I don’t even think a Verzuz could handle all of the songs that I have, to be honest,” he said on the PEOPLE Every Day podcast in August. “It’s like, I could do it by myself. But I don’t wanna do that. That’s not the purpose of Verzuz, me versus me.”

He continued: “But I think it’s great. It’s great to celebrate music. But the appreciation of it starts with understanding what it is and how long has it taken to do this legacy. And if you choose to compare it, what are you comparing to? Are you comparing it to itself?

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“I’m a different animal, man. I’m cut from a way different cloth man. And when you put those songs on, I’m telling you, I don’t think anybody in the world would want smoke with them songs.”

G Herbo, meanwhile, isn’t the only rapper who’s unafraid to show off his R&B pipes. His friend and collaborator 21 Savage went viral in 2020 after he filmed himself singing his heart out to Beyoncé’s “Me, Myself & I,” Usher’s “Let It Burn” and Keyshia Cole’s “Love,” among other jams.

21’s exploits later caught the attention of Jazmine Sullivan, who co-signed his rendition of her “On It” collaboration with Ari Lennox, which came during a late-night car ride. “Sanggg,” Sullivan wrote under an Instagram post of his voice-breaking performance.