Tyrese has reflected on his prior work with former TGT group member Tank and Jennifer Hudson, dubbing them both “fake humble” after being blown away by their talent.

Taking to Instagram with a behind-the-scenes look at his work with both singers, the singer/actor revealed it was “very intimidating” to work with them because of how good they are.

“Don’t ever question anyone success when I have to so successful, they still like Lyons got that hunger and desire to be the VERY BEST in all aspects,” Tyrese began. “Very intimidating to work with them but the results are beastly!!!!!!”

He continued: “Dear Tank, if we have a figure is TGT Let me announce it now I don’t want no smoke with your vocals….. if you can look at my last post, does anybody recognize the room that I’m singing in? Does it look familiar? I’m back in the saddle for real and I’m very familiar place…. This #BeautifulPain Album has already changed my life. Another level is coming. I don’t do things for awards, but if there’s a such thing as 8 GRAMMY noms and maybe 2 wins?”

“I’ll be happy with that. Lol. these two songs were featured on my last album #BlackRose album to go from the studio to shooting a mini movie with Jennifer Hudson was mind blowing… For those of y’all asking the song that Tank is on his entitled Prior To You!”

“And obviously the song that was number one on billboard for 16 consecutive weeks is entitled SHAME the biggest supporter and lover of this song to this day hands-down has to be @iamsteveharveytv. shout out to Visionary genius Director, Paul Hunter who showed up for me on a real way..”

He concluded his post by tagging Lee Daniels and petitioning for a role in a biopic about Teddy Pendergrass. “@LeeDaniels sir I’m ready for this Teddy Pendergrass movie..”

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For all the praise he’s given Tank, it was only a few months ago that the “Please Don’t Go” hitmaker claimed Tyrese — along with the third member of TGT, Ginuwine — can be a little slow of the mark when it comes to recording features.

According to Tank, both artists were set to appear on his recent album, R&B Money. However, after initially showing interest in being on the singer’s 10th LP, Ty and G took too long to lay something down.

“They move too slow,” Tank told Majic 107.5/97.5. “Yeah, they were interested … These guys take long. That’s their process. I’m the studio rat. I’m the guy that gets in the studio and does three, four songs a day.

“Those are the guys that get in the studio and do three, four songs a month. Those are those guys. When I’m in the moment, you gotta meet me in the moment. It’s right now, it’s hot right now.”

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Tyrese Opens Up About How Psych Meds Impacted His Mental Health

Tyrese is currently preparing the release of a double album inspired by his divorce with ex-wife Samantha Lee.

Beautiful Pain does not yet have a release date, but the Baby Boy star announced in an Instagram post last month that he’s currently in meetings with labels to get it out after he was dropped by his previous record label on the one-year anniversary of the death of his mother.

“Can you imagine having millions and millions of records sold? About to release 13 movies this year, I’ve made the most important album of my life and I don’t have a record deal?? Lol,” he wrote on Instagram. “God truly has a sense of humor! Mr Sweet Lady, Stay, SHAME, How you gonna act like that? Lately, Signs of love makin? Lol Yeah it’s wild but I TRUST GOD!!!!”

He continued: “Label execs…Plz don’t come 2my office with sensitive ears. When I press play on this album over the next two weeks? I want you to be fully present and allow yourself to submerge into this musical bath! I want you to hear and feel everything…. The whole album is live. Not one beat machine was used for this #BeautifulPain album!”