Tyler, The Creator views the looming threat of AI as nothing to be afraid of, daring any computer to keep up with his innovations.

The rapper and producer spoke about the rise of artificial intelligence during an episode of De La Soul’s Apple Music 1 show, Art Official Intelligence Radio with De La Soul on Thursday (March 14). The program celebrates the 35th anniversary of the group’s seminal album, 3 Feet High and Rising.



The interaction began when De La’s Posdnuous asked the “EARFQUAKE” rapper about the future of music around the 14:20 mark of the episode, and Tyler revealed he wasn’t scared of this technology.

“I don’t have much feelings, but I think AI needs to do the mundane shit like figure out the robot to fix these fucking potholes or get this damn smog out, the one super human thing,” he said.

“Adding snares and drawing. No, that’s the superpower that we have that keeps things unique and moving forward. Why have a computer do that special power that us as humans have? Make this n-gga clean up this ground or … getting the cancer cells out of us.



“What? Making a beat? Like no, stop. It might have its perks. And also, I’m always ahead of even myself, so the AI will never catch up to me creatively, it’ll only have a reference point of what I’ve already did, not where I’m going because it’s not me.”

He concluded: “So I’m not scared of that. I think folks who make kind of generic music that just gets the thumbs up from everyone who’s in Starbucks that people passively listen to, even if it’s the biggest thing in the world, I think they have more fear for AI probably than me who’s trying to figure out how to make this cup sound good.”

Check out another clip from the interview below:

While the IGOR icon has no fear when it comes to AI, other Hip Hop stars are more wary.

Last year, Ice Cubespoke out against Artificial Intelligence and its implications regarding creativity.

During an interview with Piers Morgan, the former N.W.A rapper was asked about AI and how it is being used to replicate styles and personalities without any human touch. Cube, without skipping a beat, expressed that he is entirely against the concept.

“I think it’s terrible,” Ice Cube said. “I think it’s gon’ make people lazier, less creative.”

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Young Guru also raised concerns over AI technology in 2023 following a fake Kendrick Lamar song that surfaced online.

The legendary engineer shared a video on Instagram that showed a man creating a song from scratch using a Kendrick Lamar voice filter. The man briefly displayed how the filter changed his voice to sound exactly like K. Dot and proceeded to record an actual song that sounded like something the rapper would make.



Gu said that AI voice technology posed a whole host of problems, especially if it got into the wrong hands.