Toosii has responded to a police officer who allegedly pulled his gun on him while they were talking during a traffic stop.

On Saturday (March 11), Toosii posted a video on Instagram of him speaking to three North Carolina police officers after they pulled him over. The police officer reportedly pulled a gun on Toosii after the rapper tried to retrieve his gun, which allegedly fell onto the ground.

“I did not pull no gun on him,” Toosii said at the beginning of the video. “My gun fell on the ground…no it was not in my hand, bro, it fell out my car.”

The police officers then questioned if the gun was in Toosii’s hand, and Toosii said yes, but only because he was picking the gun up off the ground to put it back in his vehicle.

One of the officers in the background responded to Toosii in a sarcastic way, saying “Yep, you’re very observant.”

Check out the full video below:

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“You was dead ass finna to shoot me,” Toosii continued. “This n-gga said, ‘gun, gun, gun’ as if someone was finna to like, what the fuck.”

The officer who Toosii had his camera pointed toward responded to Toosii, saying “Okay, sorry you feel that way.”

Toosii posted a lengthy caption under the video while emphasizing that North Carolina is an open carry state.

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Toosii Expecting 1st Child With Girlfriend: 'The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me'

“Mind you I live in the state of North Carolina! An OPEN CARRY STATE where I am also LICENSED TO CARRY,” Toosi explained. “You would think officers are more trained for situations like this. Instead you get officer dip shit who pulls his gun out on me because he‘a so in fear for his life and ready to kill an innocent man and take him away from his family!”

He continued: “I’m in disbelief at how someone who could have went throhhh so much training could have honestly reacted this way… I could have senselessly lost my life tonight because some coward was too afraid and doesn’t know how to do his job [thumbs down brown emoji].”

The 2021 DX Rising Star has had a complicated relationship with fame, something he explores on his most recent EP, Boys Don’t Cry.

“As a man, we’re always taught to be tough and never be vulnerable,” Toosii told HipHopDX. “As men, it’s about being able to be vulnerable and open up about our feelings and be understood. Every day I walk out my house and I feel like I can’t walk outside with my head down, I can’t show any pity or any emotion. That’s what the title of the EP was about.”