It’s basically a right of passage for a rapper to make it rain in a club, but some need help in learning how to do it the proper way.

Last month, Rich The Kid and Takeoff were hanging out on stage at Offset’s 30th Birthday Sneaker Ball when fans captured them throwing money at the party guests. One clip circulating online shows Takeoff being masterful with his money toss, but Rich was hurling wads of cash at some people.

Rich’s toss was so aggressive Takeoff had to stop him and give the “Plug Walk” rapper some pointers. Takeoff told Rich to take the band off the wad of cash and then hurl the singles into the air instead of throwing them at people. Rich took his advice and saw the dollar bills fall peacefully onto the heads of their guests.



Rich the Kid happens to do a lot of things aggressively these days. Earlier this month, the rapper was captured dancing up on his girlfriend Tori Brixx on a yacht while holding George Clooney’s infamous Casamigos Tequila. Rich was aggressively pushing up on Tori when he suddenly fell with his girl landing right on top of him.

Rich The Kid Blames George Clooney's Casamigos For Aggressive Tori Brixx Grind Video

Rich returned with another video holding the same bottle and explaining that the Casamigos liquor was responsible for the drunk dance moves he couldn’t pull off behind Tori. According to Rich, he needed to give it a break and put the bottle down.