Symba and N.O.R.E.’s friendship has been growing to the point the Bay Area native is letting the podcast host hear some of his unreleased music.

During their hangout last weekend in Oakland, Symba took N.O.R.E. into his car for a quick listening session. In the video, the LeFrak City native can be seen puffing away on a joint as the intro to Symba’s new track rings off. Both men start nodding their heads right before the “GOAT” rapper began his rhyme.

Last night my girl went through my iPhone/ She was talking shit to some bitch I had my eyes on/ Found out I fucked her in the car right after Carbone,” Symba raps. “But she know she can’t leave me cause she’ll do worse if she move on/ My group look like a group home.

He continued: “A bunch of Winnie Harlows running around these bitches two-tone/ Twerking on the Live inside the pool no bathing suit on/ I come from the trenches, but now I’m in Hawaii with bitch and all my n-ggas this shit is one hell of a feeling.”

N.O.R.E said during their meet-up that Symba is his favorite artist in the game today, and his reaction to the unreleased track proved that. Other footage from their hangout showed N.O.R.E. giving a speech saluting the 23-year-old and praising him for confronting Funk Flex in September 2022.

Symba was a guest on Flex’s Hot 97 radio show and used his freestyle segment to confront the legendary DJ for disrespecting 2Pac over the years.

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“The best artist — not West Coast, not East Coast — is my bro right here,” N.O.R.E. said as he embraced Symba. “That man came to New York and looked at Funk Flex in his eye and said, ‘You gon’ stop this shit!’ And Flex stopped it from right then and there, and I respected it.”

N.O.R.E. continued to heap high praise on Symba and his city, revealing his sophomore album Melvin Flynt – Da Hustler was inspired by Fillmore Street in The Bay. He even compared the up-and-coming lyricist to one of Hip Hop’s all-time greats, Nas.

“I’m out here in Oakland, but it’s not because Oakland is one of my favorite places on the West Coast, it’s because you’re my favorite artist right now,” he said. “Nah, for real. You’re like Nas to me.”