New York, NY

Styles P has taken another step in the health food market with the announcement of a new line of peanut butter and jelly spread.

The LOX rapper introduced his latest product on Thursday (February 2), sharing an Instagram video of himself and his wife, Adjua Styles, at Eleven Madison Park restaurant in New York City promoting their upcoming (and aptly-titled) “Styles PB&J” spread.

The plant-based, gluten-free product is a blend of maca protein, Irish Sea moss and grape jelly, and is a collaboration between Styles P, his wife and Eleven Madison Park.

“@elevenmadisonpark and @adjuastyles and myself collaborate for STYLES PB&J for @elevenmadisonhome,” he captioned his post. “High end & hip hop go together like PB&J .. so we figured we bring something that your house hold can enjoy!!”

The mix of plant-based ingredients falls right in line with Styles P’s ethos. The 48-year-old committed himself to leading a healthier lifestyle in the 2010s when he opened his first juice shop in New York City with Jadakiss called Juices for Life.

He also has his own health food store with his wife called Farmacy for Life, which offers several herbal supplements to improve physical wellbeing.

Last month, Styles P celebrated the nine-year anniversary of his plant-based diet by toasting to his 71-pound weight loss and all the physical benefits that come from slimming down to a “scoopable weight.”

“I didn’t intend to be plant based just went on a 3 week cleanse Dec 31st 2013. And never turned back,” he wrote in an Instagram post showing his 169-pound weight on the scales. “Proud of myself because at one time in my life I was 240lb Which wasn’t healthy for my height …although I’m at a scoopable weight right l now.

“I’m feeling damn great and I’m light on my feet for a vintage dude and my snuff to the light jog off game is feeling on point […] If nothing make sure you make taking care of yourself a priority this year ahead of us .. the money comes and goes .. once the health is gone it’s hard to get back or live the way you want to.”

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Styles’ LOX brother Jadakiss has also branched out in the business world. In October, Kiss launched Kiss Café, a line of medium dark roast Arabica blend coffee with his father and son, Bob and Jaewon Phillips.

“This coffee is for all coffee lovers,” Jadakiss said in a press release. “No specific age or background or knowledge. Coffee is a universal and a personal thing. Everyone enjoys it differently. And, we’re here to help them do that.”

Jaewon added: “It’s real. No gimmicks. It’s been in our family for well over 40 years and everything we do here is from the core.”