Snoop Dogg and Mack 10‘s crews once faced off in a studio brawl, but the punches being thrown weren’t going to earn anyone a UFC or boxing contract, according to Michael Jai White.

The Black Dynamite actor recently sat down with VladTV where he recalled being in the studio when a fight broke out between the crews of the two West Coast rappers, but he wasn’t impressed with the hands of those involved.

“I’m a fight nerd, though. I think I told you famously I was at the studio when Snoop’s crew and Mack 10’s group got into this fight and it was the funniest shit ever I’d want to see,” he began.

“Because there was these big bodyguard type of dudes that was like, ‘What you want to do?!’ And I was like, ‘What the fuck?’ Then Snoop’s guys I thought they was coming back with guns and they had like two pit bulls and were like, ‘Get em, Sparky!'”

White continued: “I’m like, ‘This some dumb shit right here.’ It’s just funny to me because there’s this inference that people know how to fight. A lot of these guys, they don’t get in the gym and they don’t know how to really scrap and just get in the street… So when I see that kinda stuff, it’s kinda funny.”

Watch Michael Jai White’s interview with Vlad below:

Snoop Dogg and Mack 10 themselves weren’t involved in the scrum so MJW was more taking shots at their security team and entourages.

The pair of West Coast rhymers have joined forces in the past as they previously teamed up alongside Ice Cube for “Only In California.”

Mack 10 Reveals He & Ice Cube Haven't Spoken In Almost 20 Years

Mack 10 Reveals He & Ice Cube Haven't Spoken In Almost 20 Years

Earlier this year, Mack 10 also revealed to Bootleg Kev that he nearly signed Snoop to his Hoo-Bangin Records prior to him joining No Limit Records.

“Snoop. It was before he went to No Limit,” he explained. “The paperwork was done. If he a free agent and I’m in the game, what kinda muthafucka would I be to not shoot for the biggest free agent out there.

“Jerry Jones gonna shoot for the coldest muthafucka out there if he can get his hands on him. The paperwork literally was done. Things went on but it was literally done.”