Rob49 has revealed that he drove himself to the hospital after a shooting in January that also involved French Montana.

Rob sat down with Million Dollaz Worth Of Game to speak about the experience, and said that right after he got shot, he hopped in the driver’s seat of someone’s car, pulled up Apple Maps and took off towards the nearest hospital.

“I’m thinking I’m about to damn near die,” Rob said at the 50-minute mark. “I’m like fuck it, it is what it is though because I ain’t gonna lie, my worst fear was always dying but I done been shot at and shit but I never got hit. So I’m like, ‘Oh it’s the time.'”

He continued: “I drove myself to that bitch. I hopped in somebody car…I drove myself to the hospital cause they had a n-gga in the driver’s seat. I jumped in anybody car. I grabbed this n-gga’s wheel and pressed his leg down. Took his phone, put his maps on, went to the hospital. I said alright, we pulled up to the hospital.

“I got shot in my back by my lungs so I’m like, fuck, can’t play them type games. Grabbed this n-gga again, and searched nearest trauma hospital. Press this n-gga leg again, boom I’m driving that muthafucka. They got traffic, I’m like no way. I said brother we’re going on the sidewalk, boom … stuffed his leg again, we on the sidewalk.”

Rob went on to say that after blowing out all four tires on the sidewalk, he was able to finally get to the hospital, only to have the staff send him back to the other hospital he was just at.

Back in January, Rob49 was among 10 people shot during a gathering with French Montana in Miami, Florida. According to reports, the shooting took place outside The Licking restaurant in Miami Gardens, where Rob and French were celebrating the release of their single “Igloo.”

Early reports suggested it was a music video shoot, but Rob corrected that news and told HipHopDX they were just celebrating their newfound partnership.

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“We were just chilling and we just wanted to perform the song and shit and celebrate because it was dropping that night,” Rob said. “So we just went to turn up with him. I saw [reports] that it was a music video and I was like alright I’m not even about to clear that up.”

He continued, “Listen, man I done been through a lot. That’s not half of the shit I done been through. That’s some shit we went through at home like 100 times. The world just got a chance to see it because I got a platform but it ain’t nothing like that to me. I’m just going on my music, that’s all I’m really thinking about. I’m focusing on this drop.”

Rob49 is gearing up to drop his new album 4 God II. Check out his exclusive interview with HipHopDXhere, where he talks about the project.