Rick Ross has issued a warning to his enemies with a new video of him showing off an impressive flying kick while working out.

On Monday (March 27), the Maybach Music Group boss hit the gym for a session with his trainer at Almighty Athletics, and in true Rozay fashion, he made it an entertaining one. The Biggest Bawse put on his boxing gloves, but right before he was about to spar, he let people know he goes “buck wild” when it comes to fighting.

“You see, when I go wild — ’cause I don’t wanna train just to be training in the streets, ain’t no all that tap shit — I go buck wild,” Ross said as he moved his shoulders from side to side. “So if you don’t know me when I nut up on you, it’s what I’ma say, which is going to be horrendous. Then I’ma jump with the punch!”

Ross then jumped and performed a kick that almost knocked the phone out of his camera person’s hand. According to Rozay, the kick would’ve been much worse if he had shoes on.

“So when I start training at this intensity level, I kick my shoes off so I don’t kick my homie like that,” he said. “Another n-gga, I ain’t going to spare you; I’m a kick you. I’ma kick you and punch you in the head. So come on, n-gga.”

The heavy-set rapper then showed off an impressive combination of right and left-hand punches with his trainer on the pads, before he attempted to kick him in his knees.

In another clip from his workout, Rick Ross got some weight training in with a set of bench presses. But to make it harder, the rapper added a few leg raises to the mix to show off his impressive strength.

Although it was a hilarious sight to see, Rozay’s workouts aren’t just for show. Earlier this month, the Miami native nearly knocked out his trainer during another sparring session.

Rick Ross Wants To Learn Martial Arts So He Can ‘Smack The Shit’ Out Of A Black Belt

Rick Ross Wants To Learn Martial Arts So He Can ‘Smack The Shit’ Out Of A Black Belt

A video posted on Ross’ Instagram Stories showed the 47-year-old performing a series of right and left-handed punches before unleashing another one that barely missed the trainer’s face. Both men had to recoup themselves before restarting the routine, but they ended up jokingly grappling each other, with Ross looking deep into the camera.

The rap mogul is a regular when it comes to putting on the gloves, and actually gave his trainer a busted lip while sparring with him in October 2021. The trainer shared the clip on IG showing Ross getting it in.

“It should be somewhere in the back of your mind: ‘I want to swell the eye up or swell his lip up,'” Ross said in the clip. “Because he should want me, because that’s why I pay him — for him to teach me how to swell a lip up or an eye up. So your boxing trainer should be cool with you swelling his lip up.”