Rick Ross’ ex-partner recently claimed that his daughter has a “fake diploma,” prompting the 21-year-old to clap back with full force.

Tia Kemp started the drama last week when she commented on Toie Roberts’ education by saying: “Hoes don’t know there’s a difference between a GED and actual diploma.” She also claimed that the degree in question could easily be purchased on Amazon.

Roberts subsequently went nuclear in response on Tuesday (January 30), saying: “a realtor that never sold shit, ain’t got no HOUSE to your name living in a apartment in MY aunty name.”



She concluded her rant by adding: “hang it up big teeth!”

The “Hustlin’” rapper’s daughter also shared a video of herself dancing with tons of $1 bills, singing along to “Get In With Me” by BossMan DLow. At the end of the clip, she shared a screenshot of her acceptance letter.

Check it out below:

Some Instagram users were quick to poke holes in the retaliation, with one person pointing out, “That say Fall 2020 semester,” while another added: “and the school name is highlighted except the university part.”

Some commenters came to Roberts’ defense, with a user writing: “That’s when she got accepted. Also, when you search your emails, it highlights the words you search to let you know it’s the file you’re looking for. A lot of yall seriously should get off the internet and pick up a book or take a class.”

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Rozay himself has been going back-and-forth with his former partner. Earlier this month, the MC was dragged back into drama with Kemp after previously serving her a cease and desist order.

The “Aston Martin Music” rapper hit out at his ex-girlfriend as he filmed himself while smoking a blunt, saying: “Tia’s sister Ebony, she told me about that botched surgery. But you going to get over it, you gonna heal. I ain’t gonna lie, we laughed about it for a little while.”



He added: “Every time you get on TikTok, I know you see a new release from Tia. But listen, we all gotta imagine what she’s going through. Her mother, who’s a 30-year recurring crack addict, she’s back addicted. Tia’s dealing with it.”

In a sarcastic display of sympathy, he said he would not “cut off” Kemp’s Instagram account for the above reason.