Raz-B and Ray J’s recent truce appears to have been short-lived as Raz is now looking to throw hands with Ray for real.

Tensions between the R&B singers spilled over earlier this week when they got into a fight at a party. A viral video showed Ray pushing Raz, sparking a scuffle between the pair before they were separated by security.



In a statement to The Shade Room at the time, the pair confirmed the dust-up “wasn’t a big deal” and that it stemmed from a simple disagreement over a TV show they’re working on together.

However, Raz U-turned on their truce on Thursday (February 16) by challenging Ray J to a fight. In a video posted on Instagram, the former B2K member vowed to “fuck” the All I Feel crooner up while alluding to Ray’s manager, Wack 100, trying to “bully” him over the phone.

“You can never beat me! Brandys brother!” Raz wrote next to a clip of him showing off his boxing skills with a trainer. “Ima fuck you up @rayj Don’t be trying to bully me Having @wack100 call my phone.”

Raz-B posted another video shortly after demanding Ray J meet him in person so he can catch a fade.

“I woke up this morning stressed than a muthafucka. I’m getting calls from Wack 100, n-ggas is questioning my manhood, talking about Ray J faded me,” he said. “Listen, Ray, you my brother, I respect you, we business partners. But guess what? I gotta catch this muthafucking fade, n-gga. Real talk.



“I don’t give a fuck if two people show up, n-gga. Shit, it may be a thousand people if you get your sister to sing the national anthem. You always gonna be Brandy’s little brother, n-gga!”

In another clip he screamed into the camera: “I stand alone, n-gga! You need the streets to fight your battles, n-gga?!”

Raz-B then proceeded to taunt Ray J with a series of derisive photos.

“Yeah buddy ,U go be crying a river , when I’m done with you,” he wrote next to a still image of Ray J tearing up at a wedding.

“Lace wig for real? This guy !” he added in another post featuring a photo of the Love & Hip Hop star wearing a lace front wig for a 1960s-themed music video.

Ray J has yet to respond, but Wack 100 fired back at Raz-B via a comment on No Jumper’s Instagram page and claimed the B2K star has ducked Ray J’s fade — twice.

“@razb_b2k come on @rayj chased you down the street you tumbled down the hill in Porter ranch !” he wrote. “That’s the 1st time. 2nd time you jumped out at the light on Burbank by the Dennys and ran into the freeway tryna get away ‼️ let’s be real my n-gga.”

According to The Shade Room, Ray J and Raz-B’s issues revolve around a dispute over a TV show they’re producing for an unspecified network.

“After reviewing the footage, they both realized how violent the show is, and Ray J, who is the producer and director, has expressed hopes of the network shutting down the show because he thinks it’s ‘bad for the culture,'” the outlet reported.



“Raz-B also agrees that the footage for the show is violent and explicit, however, he says the show was Ray’s idea and now he’s [Raz] looking crazy to the investors on the project, now that Ray J no longer wants the project to see the light of day.”

Ray J downplayed their initial fight by calling it a “misunderstanding” and claiming he “didn’t even push [Raz] like that.”