Raz B has sparked fan concern after breaking a hospital window in Kansas City and climbing onto the roof amid fears for his safety.

Prior to the incident at Saint Luke’s Hospital, which ended with police negotiators having to convince Raz to come back inside, the former B2K singer posted a video on Instagram saying he was due for a surgery at the hospital and was worried he wouldn’t make it out alive.

“All day I’ve been trying to clear miscommunications up, but I want everybody to know right now … I don’t feel safe,” he said. “I’m in Kansas City, I’m at the Hilton Hotel and I’m telling everybody right now, Raz B does not feel safe. Put out an APB for Raz B in Kansas City, I don’t feel safe.”

He continued: “That’s the location where I’m at. Call all my Army friends, Marine friends. No, I’m not good. That’s exactly where I’m at. Come get me. Yup, I’m standing right here and everybody’s gonna be compliant. I’m not saying something’s going on, I’m just letting my people know I don’t feel safe.”

Shortly after, TMZ obtained footage of the scary incident, showing Raz B scaling the building as terrified onlookers watched on. Police later determined he had broken a window to climb out onto a balcony.

The 37-year-old is currently with medical staff undergoing an evaluation.

This unfortunately isn’t the first time Raz B has made headlines for bizarre behavior this year. Back in February, a video emerged of the singer nearly coming to blows with Ray J after the latter shoved him at a party alongside Bobby V and other friends.

Despite initial reports that the pair had made amends, Raz later told Ray J’s manager Wack 100 that he still intended to finish what his client had started.

The pair had told The Shade Room at the time that the dust-up “wasn’t a big deal” and that it stemmed from a simple disagreement over a TV show they were working on together, but Raz pushed back on this statement a few days later and challenged Ray J to a fight.

In a video posted on Instagram, the former B2K member vowed to “fuck” the All I Feel crooner up while alluding to Wack 100 trying to “bully” him over the phone.

Raz B Responds To Omarion Calling B2K His Backup Dancers: ‘That Was Really Funny’

Raz B Responds To Omarion Calling B2K His Backup Dancers: ‘That Was Really Funny’

“You can never beat me! Brandys brother!” Raz wrote next to a clip of him showing off his boxing skills with a trainer. “Ima fuck you up @rayj Don’t be trying to bully me Having @wack100 call my phone.”

Raz B posted another video shortly after demanding Ray J meet him in person so he can catch a fade.

“I woke up this morning stressed than a muthafucka. I’m getting calls from Wack 100, n-ggas is questioning my manhood, talking about Ray J faded me,” he said. “Listen, Ray, you my brother, I respect you, we business partners. But guess what? I gotta catch this muthafucking fade, n-gga. Real talk.