Plies has revealed that he has a “burning desire” to work at Publix Super Markets — but only for one day.

The Florida native took to Twitter on Sunday (January 29) to declare that he’s desperate to don the green and black Publix uniform and work a shift at the store.

“I Just Wanna Work @ Publix For One Day!!!!! Can Somebody Set This Up For Me??? It Be Looking So Fun!!!!” he tweeted.

The “Hypnotized” hitmaker returned shortly after with a video explaining his desire to work at the popular grocery chain, which he said seems to have a positive working environment.

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However, he admitted that he isn’t interested in actually doing any work at the store; he simply wants to put on the uniform and soak up the positive vibes inside the store.

“I just want to work at Publix, the grocery store, just for one day,” Plies said while smiling from ear to ear. “It’s just something in me, it’s a burning desire in me that I just want to put on the little green shirt on and the black pants, the little apron.”

He continued: “I just want to work there for one day, but I don’t want to do no goddamn work now. I ain’t stocking nothing, I don’t want to do none of that. But I do want to be able to just put the uniform on and just talk to the people.

“They just seem like the nicest people ever that work there.”

Plies added that the bakery would be his preferred department to “work” in and is also interested in seeing how the in-store butchers prepare the meats.

The rapper/singer may just have his wish granted as Publix replied to his video with a tweet that read: “We think you’d look good in green,” accompanied by a GIF of a green heart.

Plies’ job request comes after he lost $50,000 by betting on the 2023 College Football National Championship game between TCU and Georgia. The 46-year-old had confidently tweeted about his faith on TCU prior to the game, saying he liked them to win the title despite the team being a 14-point underdog.

However, Plies was on the wrong side of the worst defeat in Bowl Championship Series history as TCU was annihilated by the Georgia Bulldogs 65-7 in a game that was mostly non-competitive from the kick-off and a clear mismatch of talent.