Playboi Carti’s fans have reacted to some bizarre footage that’s emerged of the Atlanta rapper recording his famed ad-libs, and they seem to find it slightly off-putting.

The videos emerged on Twitter on Friday (March 24) and find Playboi laying down some of his signature baby-voiced ad-libs on a track, but fans mostly found the process distressing since no music could be heard.

“Bro having a seizure,” wrote one distressed fan, while another added: “Does he require a specialist?” Another chimed in by suggesting Playboi Carti might secretly have Tourette’s, while another wrote: “that n-gga carti fighting demons lol.”

However, some fans were supportive of Carti’s process and reminded unsettled viewers that crafting a hit record isn’t always an orthodox process.

“Adlibs gotta be done a certain way or it won’t hit right,” wrote one supporter, while another added, “Yo this funny af to see but it’s how bangers are made.”

As strange as Playboi Carti’s studio process may seem, his unique creative output has spawned numerous copycats, one of which reportedly tried to charge Lil Xan $200,000 for a featured verse.

Xan aired his grievances on his Instagram Story earlier this week, writing: “These new rappers tryna charge 200k that’s crazy! My guy yall copying playboi please stop yall worth at the most 20k fr fr.”

Playboi Carti's Music Protested By Black Hebrew Israelites

Playboi Carti's Music Protested By Black Hebrew Israelites

The videos emerge shortly after Lil Uzi Vert confirmed he had new music in the works with Playboi Carti.

On March 18, the Philadelphia rapper revealed on their Instagram Story that they and Carti are about to reach new heights with their upcoming music.

“Me and my luv about 2 take over the world,” Uzi said while tagging his “Shoota” collaborator in the post.