Chicago Bulls guard Patrick Beverly isn’t one to mince his words and he believes the current landscape of rap music has played a role in Ja Morant’s recent antics.

Beverly chimed in on the embattled Memphis Grizzlies star, who has been suspended eight games for flashing a firearm on Instagram Live earlier this month, during a recent episode of The Pat Bev Podcast With Rone.

Pat Bev believes the Hip Hop climate and the music being digested by the youth plays a big role in people’s actions.

“It’s the music we listen to is real big what the rappers are [saying],” said Beverly. “It’s crazy to say this but Charleston White was absolutely correct. The music we listen to and how that is the new brand. The music say I keep pipe, I do this and I do that. That turns into, ‘I need a pipe.’ A pipe meaning gun.

“I think it’s the music, man. I ain’t bashing the music cus I’m listening to that shit too. I’m not up at 9 a.m. listening to it though, I’m gameday listening to it.”

He continued: “It’s not part of my life. It’s a part of a lot of people I know though, so I can relate. My homie used to do that, my homie got locked up for doing that, or my homie in jail for doing that or my homie died from doing that.”

The Grizzlies sent Morant away from the team after he was seen brandishing a weapon on Instagram live at a Colorado strip club following a loss to the Denver Nuggets on March 3. In his time away from the organization, Morant checked into a Florida counseling program for a brief stint.

Even though he’s been away from the team since March 4, an imminent return looks to be on the horizon. The star guard met with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver in New York City on Wednesday (March 15) and then sat down with ESPN’s Jalen Rose for an apologetic interview in his first public appearance since the suspension.

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“The gun wasn’t mine,” Morant said. “It’s not who I am, I don’t condone in any type of violence but I take full responsibility for my actions.”

The 23-year-old avid Lil Baby fan is eligible to return to the Grizzlies for Monday’s (March 20) game against the Dallas Mavericks, although he’s not expected to play.

However, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski speculated that he could suit up in the following contest when the Houston Rockets come to town.