N.O.R.E. has revealed he’s not happy with the word “slime” being used to describe gang affiliation, as that wasn’t the original meaning of the term.

During the latest episode of Drink Champs with special guest Joe Budden, the LeFrak City native reflected on popularizing “slime” in the early 2000s and how its use has changed drastically over time.

According to N.O.R.E., today’s rappers and rap fans are using the word incorrectly as he originally intended it to be a “positive” alternative to the word “n-gga.”

“This is what’s fucked up about slang,” he said. “People use that as gang terminology. They say you slime then you affiliated with a certain gang. You n-ggas is bozos, and I’m going to say this because I’m the person…I did not invent the word slime, but I made it famous, and it was always to be used as slime.

“It was also kinda to replace the word n-gga, so it’s kind of like positive. It was created to be positive, and now the way they use it, I’m so disgusted. I recently just seen two young dudes, and they were like, ‘Yo, Slime.’ And I watched them, and I literally wanted to shoot them both like I was still in that era.”

N.O.R.E. began using “slime” in the early 2000s before younger rappers like Young Thug, Young Nudy and Vado further ingrained it into the Hip Hop lexicon.

The 45-year-old featured the word in the title of two tracks on his 2002 album, God’s Favorite: “Hit Me Slime” featuring Nas, Ice-T, Nelly and Mike Kyser; and “Holla Back Slime,” which featured Busta Rhymes and Jadakiss.

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In 2010, N.O.R.E. took to Twitter to claim responsibility for popularizing the term and asked for people to give him his proper credit.

“Alot of n-ggas using the word slime y’all funny just pay respect were respect due N-ggas swagga jacking me crazy got love for y’all tho pow,” he tweeted.

Then in 2016, the “Superthug” rapper said he hung out with Future and Young Thug and made it a point to say the Atlanta rappers met “The Slimefather.”

“Got a chance to kick it wit young thug and future last night & introduced my self to young thug as the original slime,” he tweeted.