Nick Cannon has spoken about how he cares for his children’s mothers and said he doesn’t give out “monthly allowances” to any of them.

The Wild ‘n Out host sat down for an interview with The Home Team Morning Show podcast this week, explaining that whatever his baby mamas need, “they get it.”

“There’s never been something that one of the mothers of my children has asked for and they didn’t receive,” he explained.

He added elsewhere in the interview: “When you really understand, like, ‘Yo, this woman has given the greatest sacrifice and sacrificed her body to bring a child [into the world], and that’s the best gift any man could ask for … So regardless of what goes on in any scenario, I’m gonna always show love and respect. I’ll never say anything disrespectful or bad about any of the mothers of my children.

“Anybody that could put up with me and everything from my schedule to … being in the media and stuff like that, like, that’s a queen. I truly just honor everybody in my family because it ain’t easy.”

Listen to Cannon’s appearance on The Home Team Morning Show below:

The comments come after Nick Cannon recently revealed that he wanted to have a kid with Christina Milian, whom he dated briefly for two years in the early 2000s.

“Everybody talks about having kids, that’s the thing,” Cannon said in an interview with The Shade Room. “If I say this, I know this gonna go viral, but when Christina Milian and I were doing Love Don’t Cost a Thing, I remember when I found out she was pregnant … I was like, ‘Dang, man,’ but I was so happy for her.”

Nick Cannon Responds To Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Joke About His Kids

Nick Cannon Responds To Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Joke About His Kids

He added: “I remember we was kids in love early on and so we talked about that, but to each his own. Life plans it out. The universe gives it how it’s supposed to be given.”

Elsewhere in his tell-all interview with The Shade RoomCannon reflected back on his time with Mariah Carey, and said to this day he still considers her the love of his life.

“Like the greatest? I mean, I always talk about that,” he said of the Grammy-winning singer. “Then it goes viral, and our fans get mad at me. But I was 12 years old with Mariah Carey pictures on my wall, and that becomes my wife. And the fact that she’s the coolest person I ever met.”

He continued: “She’s just always happy, always doing for others. No matter what’s happening in life. I’m like, ‘Wow, a person can really operate like that and don’t allow negative energy into they space’ … When I found that out about how remarkable she was, that woman is not human. She’s a gift from God.”