Mike Jones has been called out by 1017 rapper BiC Fizzle after his request to sample the Houston veteran’s smash hit “Still Tippin'” was denied.

According to an acquaintance of BiC Fizzle, who aired his frustrations alongside the 1017 signee in a recent Instagram Live session, the rapper’s camp asked Jones to clear a sample from his breakout single for Fizzle’s new song “44s” which he dropped last May. The Swisherhouse veteran allegedly refused to clear it, shelving “44s” for the foreseeable future.

“Mike Jones you a ho for making my n-gga’s shit get deleted n-gga with your broke ass,” the Fizzle’s friend said into the camera, with the rapper echoing his sentiments.

“The real kickback drop 4’s old broke bitch,” he can be heard saying in the video.

BiC Fizzle had originally dropped the song’s music video to celebrate his high school graduation. In the video, Fizzle and Cootie, who’s featured on the track, relax alongside some low riders while they trade bars.

At just 19 years old, the Arkansas rapper was the youngest signee to ever ink a deal with Gucci Mane, joining the 1017 ranks alongside BigDogWalk and Hot Boy Wes.

The New 1017 leader was spotted on IG handing BiC Fizzle a box from famed jeweler Johnny Dang containing the young rapper’s official 1017 chain.

“I just sign the hardest young n-gga in Arkansas,” Gucci wrote in an Instagram post celebrating the signing. “He only 18 in 12th grade and play quarterback at his high school welcome @bicfizzle and follow him he next up #New1017.”

The shelving of BiC Fizzle’s latest single is just the latest bout of bad luck to befall the New 1017 class.

The label’s 22-year-old rapper Big Scarr passed away last month after suffering an accidental overdose, and Memphis rapper Mac Critter was recently charged with first-degree murder in relation to a fatal December 2022 shooting.

Gucci Mane Drops 1017 Rapper One Day After Signing Him: 'Congratulations'

Gucci Mane Drops 1017 Rapper One Day After Signing Him: 'Congratulations'

K Shiday and Roboy were both dropped from the label, and Pooh Shiesty and Foogiano are both currently incarcerated, with the former sentenced to five years in prison last April for his role in an October 2020 robbery, and the latter getting sentenced to five years for tampering with his ankle monitor and evading authorities for months.

This string of unlucky events even caused Joe Budden to question Gucci Mane’s A&R talents on his eponymous podcast last week.

“Y’all sound nuts to me,” Budden said to his co-hosts after they praised Guwop. “Who people are signing, how people are signing them, and why people are signing them needs to be under thorough examination I think from all parties involved in the music business.”

The former Slaughterhouse MC continued by comparing the rap industry to sports, and how signing tactics had changed amidst a slew of injured players a decade ago.

“The same thing has happened in rap in the last decade where we have never seen this many people die,” Budden said. “We have never seen this many shootings, stabbings, clique beef, arrests, RICOs. I have never seen it in Hip Hop.”

“That conversation runs concurrent with, for me and the rest of the musicians, the death of the A&R. The death of musicianship. Those are together for me,” he added.

“So when I say Gucci Mane’s scouting needs to be under examination, it’s because this is now, what? Eight, nine, 10? I don’t know. A whole roster that is just suffering from the different strokes curse, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence anymore.”