Megan Thee Stallion‘s nearly three-year dispute with 1501 Certified Entertainment continues to rage on, and now the Good News rapper has requested a Texas judge make a surprise witness appear at her upcoming deposition.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the Houston Hottie (real name is Megan Pete) wants to depose 1501 executive Darien Smith — who also happens to be the boyfriend of her ex-BFF Kelsey Harris.

Per the court docs, Megan has requested to depose Darien because he allegedly has “first-hand knowledge” regarding this debacle with her former label head Carl Crawford.

She’s also accused the label of failing and refusing to work with her “in good faith to schedule these depositions.”

“The Court should compel 1501 to comply with its discovery obligations, produce outstanding documents, and produce the deponents requested for depositions to ensure all outstanding discovery is completed by July 5, 2023. The clock is ticking. Pete is eager to obtain closure; this action has been pending long enough,” the legal document read.

Prior to this, Megan filed a motion in court claiming that Crawford was taking the money meant for her.

As published by TMZ in April, Meg claimed that 1501’s primary bank account currently has less than $10,000 left in it, despite much more being deposited – millions more.

Megan’s legal battle with 1501 dates back to 2019. The issues began shortly after the Houston Hottie signed a management deal with JAY-Z’s Roc Nation, allegedly without 1501’s knowledge.

Meg responded to 1501’s initial complaint by filing a lawsuit against the label, accusing them of blocking her from releasing music and refusing to renegotiate her contract.

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An additional suit was filed against 1501 in February 2022 that asked a judge to declare her 2021 project Something For Thee Hotties as an album to help her fulfill her contract with the label.

Crawford and 1501 countersued shortly after, with Crawford dismissing the project as a “bullshit ass mixtape.”

While these legal disputes have yet to be resolved, Crawford took to Instagram in March to shower Megan with praise ahead of her performance at the AT&T Block Party.

“The Queen of the Hotties and one of the most iconic female artists of our time will be touching down,” Crawford wrote. “We want the entire Community of Texas to help 1501 Certified Entertainment welcome Queen of the Hotties, Megan Thee Stallion, back to the City of Houston.”